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Is Protein Powder Necessary?

Q: Do protein powders really help bodybuilders gain muscle? Are they necessary if you're lifting weights? One of my friends heard they are harmful to the body. Is this true?

A: Actually, Mother Nature made the perfect protein for your body...eggs. It's hard to beat Mother Nature. She really knows her stuff!

I find protein powders helpful to me, but I wouldn't say they were necessary. You can't get all the protein you need from food, but it's a lot easier to do by adding taking protein drinks in addition to your solid food meals.

Sometimes it's easier for me to drink a protein drink than eat a meal. When you try to get in 6 to 7 meals a day, it helps when several of those are protein drinks.

Plus, for a change of pace, I like to use the old Rheo Blair method and mix my protein with heavy whipping cream and make it into a pudding consistency. Depending on what type of protein powder you're using, it's delicious... and very low carb for those following a low carb diet.

Protein powders and meal replacment drinks can help you add protein to your diet and are easily digestible.

Is Protein Powder Harmful?

Now your second question:

Are protein powders harmful?

Yeah, if you try to take them dry without mixing them with a liquid they can make you cough and gag.

I've heard some ignorant people say that too much protein is hard on your kidneys. Funny thing is nobody has ever been able to show me one single medical case or study where someone in good health has gotten kidney damage from a high protein intake. It just ain't true.

So I would say if used to supplement your diet, protein powders aren't harmful at all.

Wanna know my favorite protein powders? The ones I consider the best quality and best tasting?

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