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IFBB International Women's Contests

48 Women Compete in Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Contests:

Oriquen and Kyle seek title in Ms. International Contest

Hendershott top contender in Fitness Contest

Figure Contest attracts 18 shapely women

Columbus, Ohio – Four-time winner Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia and three-time winner Iris Kyle lead a field of 14 women bodybuilders seeking a share of $55,500 in prize money in the 21st Ms. International Contest March 7.  Oriquen won the event in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008.  Kyle won in 2004, 2006, and 2007.

Thirty-four other women, including Central Ohio’s Jen Hendershott and Julie Palmer, also will vie for $99,000 in the Fitness International and Figure International contests.

“The match-up between Yaxeni Oriquen and Iris Kyle will be a great one because both are at the top of their game and finish consistently high in international competition,” says Arnold Sports Festival Co-Producer Jim Lorimer.

Preliminary judging rounds for the three women’s contests will be at noon, March 6 on the stage of the Arnold Fitness EXPO at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  Finals are at 7 pm in Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

The Ms. International competition gives women bodybuilders an opportunity to compete professionally. Nine women have held the title since Schwarzenegger and Lorimer started it in 1989. 

Sixteen Fitness International competitors will be judged in categories of strength, body tone, shape, flexibility, creativity, choreography, athletic competence and performance, Lorimer said.  2005 winner Jennifer Hendershott leads the field. 

During the Figure International competition, 18 women with the world’s fittest, most shapely female physiques will be judged in two rounds of posing, Lorimer said.  The figure contest differs from the fitness event in that it does not judge acrobatic skills and routines. 

A $10 daily ticket to the Arnold Fitness EXPO includes access to the women’s events prejudging and many other competitions and events.  Tickets for the finals are $50 and $75; finals are at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.  Tickets are available at the doors or from Ticketmaster, (614) 431-3600, or at www.ticketmaster.com/arnold.  

2009 Ms. International Competitors


Heather (Policky) Armburst

Dayana Cadeau

Iris Floyd Kyle

Maria Del Carmen Gomez

Rosemary Jennings

Debi Laszewski

Cathy LeFrancois

Mah-Ann Mendoza

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

Betty Pariso

Brenda Raganot

Isabelle Turell

Betty Viana-Adkins

Dena Westerfield




2009 Fitness International Competitors


Jessica Clay

Regiane Da Silva

Nicole Duncan

Tina Durkin

Heidi Fletcher-Sullivan

Bethany Gainey


Tracey Greenwood

Oksana Grishina

Jen Hendershott

Tanji Johnson

Shannon Meteraud

Mindi O’Brien


Julie Palmer

Erin Riley

Trish Warren

Nicole Wilkins-Lee




2009 Figure Competitors


Gina Aliotti

Huong Arcinas

Monica Brant

Heather Mae French

Amy Fry

Adela Garcia


Sonia (Adcock) Gonzales

Lenay Hernandez

Georgina Lona

Juliana Malacarne

Zivile Raudoniene

Kristal Richardson


Felicia Romero

Sherlyn Roy

Chastity Slone

Brenda Marie Smith

Erin Stern

Latisha Wilder



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