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Green Tea Extract Benefits

What is Green Tea Extract?

Green tea extract is taken from the leaves of the plant camellia sinensis, which is where green, black, and oolong teas come from. In India and China, green tea has been used for nearly 5000 years for medicinal purposes. In recent years, green tea extract has been highly touted for its health benefits in the US.

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

The benefits of green tea extract are many. Not only does it help lower cholesterol, it assists in weight loss, slows arthritis, and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Other benefits of green tea extract are its ability to lower the risk of heart disease and liver failure. It also protects against digestive and respiratory infections, and slows the progress of Parkinsons disease.

Green Tea Extract Fat Burning

Green tea is abundant in a type of polyphenols called catechins, which has been proven to increase the calorie and fat burning capabilities of the body.

Green Tea Extract Weight Loss

Green tea extract causes a significant increase in energy expenditure, which basically means that it helps to increase metabolism. It also has a beneficial effect on fat oxidation. Studies have shown that participants who drank green tea or took supplements experienced a significant increase in metabolism and more weight loss than those who didn't use green tea.

In recent years, the increase in the use of green tea extract for weight loss has significantly increased.

Green Tea Extract Supplement

Many people find it difficult to drink enough green tea to receive the optimum benefits it provides. Taking a green tea extract supplement will result in better overall health, increased metabolism and weight loss.

Green tea extract supplements are also effective for ultimate physical and mental health.

Where to Buy Green Tea Extract?

You can purchase green tea extract at many health food, nutrition or retail stores. You can also buy green tea extract at many online health product and weight loss sites. Here at TrulyHuge.com we carry only the highest quality Green Tea Extract products.

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