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Fitness Reputation Tips

Reputation Management Tips for the Fitness Expert

In a world where people can grab fitness tips from the Internet, fitness experts need to manage their reputation more than anyone else does. Whether you are a personal trainer, a body builder or a weight loss aficionado, you have to convince others why they should listen to you instead of the other professionals out there. The way to do that is with reputation management Ė and here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Listen to What People Want

As a fitness expert, you want clients. Clients want things, too Ė and they will be vocal as to what they want. Some may want more energy while others may want to build muscle or lose fat. You cannot expect to have a positive reputation online or offline if you are unable to give people what they want. Maybe you can give everyone what they want and maybe not. Be honest about what services you can offer. If you cannot do something, be upfront and donít take a client on unless you are 100 percent confident in your abilities.

If you do end up taking on a client and you didnít listen to what they want, and you cannot deliver. You will end up getting a bad reputation Ė and it could have been avoided from day 1.

2. Set the Right Expectations

People in the fitness world want results. When they contact you, how quickly are you going to get back to them on an email or website inquiry? Be clear on the website Ė 24 hours, 48 hours, whatever. Then be sure you will stick with it.

The same goes for seeing physical results. When you begin working with someone who wants to obtain fitness goals, you have to set an expectation for them. If they follow your routine and your tips, they can start seeing results in how many days, weeks, months? Spell it out for them so there are no surprises down the road.

3. Donít Get Upset

There are going to be times when people get upset about a product or a service. For the most part, they are not mad at you but at the situation or the product. This means that you cannot get upset Ė or at least not in front of them. Being rude or getting upset in front of your client is only going to make matters worse. You donít want to come across as insincere or as a hot head as those can cause your reputation to plummet faster than anything else can.

4. Manage Social Media

Your social media has to be managed. The bulk of your reputation is being formed through the social media sites like Facebook and Foursquare. If you donít know whatís being said, youíre already in trouble. Keep in mind you can always use reputation reviews services to maintain these accounts for you so you can spend more time managing your appointments.

5. Hire a Brand Manager

If you donít know how to manage your brand online or you donít have the time, itís important to hire a brand manager. This means someone who knows their way around the social media sites and when and how to tweet so that it is effective.

Fitness experts need help with reputation management just as much as the next person. When your reputation is in jeopardy, follow these five tips and you can turn things around.

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