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Endomorph Body Type
Endomorph Diet & Workout

Endomorphs usually have a slower metabolism which makes fat loss very difficult. They also have a relatively large bone structure and even though they can lift heavy weights around the gym, their body frame can hide their hard-earned muscle gains.

Soft body
Round shaped
Underdeveloped muscles
Over-developed digestive system
Gains muscle easily
Trouble losing weight

Their physical features dictate that Endomorph's should maintain a diet low in fat with a low to medium intake of carbohydrates. Endomorph's should definitely train using weights along with incorporating an aerobic workout. There are some supplements that will help with fat loss but remember: Supplements will not magically help you lose weight if you do not eat right and workout on a regular basis. We cannot emphasize this enough!

When weight training, Endomorph's should include both compound and isolation movements. Also, they should mix up their exercises and the order in which they do them every so often. Keep in mind not to train too heavy too often, which can cause serious injury. Endomorph's should do 8-12 sets with 12-15 repitions each.

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