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Finding the Best and Most Effective Kettlebell Workout

The coronavirus put an extended, and frustrating, halt to gym attendance across the states and elsewhere on the planet. It didn't stop people from working out at home though. And sales of fitness equipment continued online and in-store.

The global fitness equipment industry was worth $11.6 billion in 2020. This was according to one study by Allied Market Research. And, this covers all aspects of this sector including weights, running machines, and other equipment.

One incredibly popular area of fitness equipment today is the kettlebell. This simple but effective piece of equipment is being used by millions today to tone and work out their whole bodies.

Kettlebells are so popular that it is said there was a global shortage during the pandemic due to factories having to close.

Why use kettlebells?

One of the reasons that kettlebells are so popular is their sheer versatility. They can be used in an assortment of ways, and with different types of workouts.

They are great at increasing muscle, helping to lose weight, and burning off calories. According to WebMD, you can burn up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes by using kettlebells in your workout.

Because they are so useful in different workouts, anyone using them will improve their metabolism. This means that they will find losing excess weight that much easier. Even when a body is resting it will burn calories, especially if that person does regular exercise.

Kettlebells are also one piece of equipment that you are unlikely to ever have to replace, and they take up only a small amount of room. Why pack your garage out with gym equipment when you can buy a kettlebell and work out with that instead?

Where can you find the most effective workouts for kettlebells?

There are plenty of DVDs on the market, along with YouTube kettlebell workouts. Some of the best online kettlebell workouts can be found through a quick search These may be all you need to fully embrace this effective piece of fitness equipment.

When searching for kettlebell workouts, consider at what stage you are. Some workouts will be far more suitable for beginners, and others may require a more advanced, intense, set of exercises.

You should also understand what weight kettlebells you should be attempting. A beginner shouldn't be attempting to work out with 35-pound kettlebells. Start with a lower weight until you can comfortably work with heavier ones.

What is a simple kettlebell workout?

Depending on what stage you are at with your fitness levels, you could make up a good kettlebell workout with several exercises.

Whether you consider that the goblet squat is good or bad, many people choose to use kettlebells for this exercise.

Good exercises that could be included in a kettlebell workout are as follows:


Goblet squats

Pushups (with kettlebells)


Russian twists

Shoulder presses

Kettlebell swings are another popular exercise for a full workout, but it is important to know how to do these properly. Using a kettlebell as part of any fitness regime can bring many benefits, but misuse could cause some problems.

Are there any negatives to using kettlebells?

While using a kettlebell it is important to consider that this is a heavily weighted instrument. Not understanding how to perform certain exercises with the kettlebell can lead to strains and injuries.

The kettlebell swing, while popular, is one exercise that can result in forearms being bashed. If the kettlebell slips it can easily strike the forearm.

Strained tendons are another risk, and of course, any weights can cause back problems if not used correctly. When you search for kettlebell workouts, make sure the instructions are clear about the proper way to carry out each exercise.

What can you hope to achieve with kettlebells?

Due to their versatility, kettlebells can be utilized in a number of ways. There areCrossfit home workouts that use kettlebells in them.

Kettlebells work out all sorts of areas of the body. The kettlebell swing for instance will help with the glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, the back, hips, and the core.

For those who want to build muscle, there are plenty of exercises using the kettlebell for this purpose.

Many of the kettlebell exercises will work out different muscle groups all at once. Therefore a full workout can help with all different areas from abs to legs to your arms.


There have been many fads when it comes to fitness and gym equipment. Over the years gadgets and pieces of equipment have been marketed to great fanfare. Some of these have promised all manner of wondrous results, only to turn out to be mostly pointless.

The kettlebell, however, is as simple as they come. Yet, it is a piece of equipment that is practically unbreakable, affordable, and incredibly versatile. A kettlebell workout is a truly effective way to get fitter, trim some weight, and increase muscle. You just need to find the most suitable workout for you.

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