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Ecdysterone and Protein

Ecdysterone Protein

Benefits of Stacking Ecdysterone with Amino Acids

What is the Best Stack of Supplements for Gaining Muscle?

Bodybuilders often spent lots of money by stacking different supplements to increase muscle growth. Aspiring weightlifters have to be careful so that they don't waste their hard-earned cash by stacking supplements that don't work well with each other.

Stacking ecdysterone with amino acid is one the cheapest and easiest way to add slabs of muscle and attain the physique you've been dreaming of.

What is Protein Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone is a fat-soluble plant steroid that is produced by the subtle modification of the cholesterol molecule and because they are from the ecdysteroid family, they bear similar resemblance to normal human androgens, such as testosterone.

Botany tells us that the plants with the highest amount of ecdysterone are found in eastern Europe and Russia. These plants are called Maral plants or Rhaponticum (Leuzea) carthamoides and Pfaffia paniculata, or Brazilian Ginseng and Suma.

Ecdysterone research indicates that it increases protein synthesis, which helps build muscle mass and can also improve athletic endurance and performance.

Many athletes use Ecdysterone to gain muscle mass and lose fat, while avoiding the common side effects seen when taking anabolic steroids.

Ecdysterone Amino Acids Stack Benefits

The argument for stacking ecdysterone with amino acids comes from the logic that because the protein synthesis is increased then the difference will be seen if and when more amino acids are available to enable this process.

These are some of the benefits of stacking ecdysterone with amino acids:

1. Increased Muscle Growth - Research shows that combining ecdysterone with amino acids helps to increase protein synthesis. Stacking ecdysterone with amino acids along with intense workouts helps the body to add muscle mass.

2. Increased Endurance - Athletes and sprinters are not left out, stacking ecdysterone with amino acids has also proven to improve endurance and performance in sports.

3. Reduced Muscle Soreness - When you workout, microscopic tears occur in the muscle which may later lead to delayed onset muscle soreness. Stacking ecdysterone with amino acids may help you reduce soreness after your workouts and recover faster to prepare for your next workout.

4. Prevents Loss Of Muscle Mass - Stacking ecdysterone with amino acids helps athletes and weightlifters to conserve muscle mass when dieting. It can also help age related muscle loss.

5. Increased Fat loss - Stacking ecdysterone with amino acids also helps to reduce fat quickly. Research shows that these supplements can help to reduce fat while building muscle at the same time.

The Ecdysterone and Amino Acids Stack


Ecdy Bolin is a non-hormonal, plant extract, natural anabolic supplement. It works by increasing nitrogen retention at the cellular level. It has been proven to enhance protein synthesis (the muscle building process) when taken with high protein meals. Other studies have pointed to ecdysterone's ability to increase performance and reduce fatigue. A reduction of mental and physical fatigue is a very popular benefit for athletes who workout 5 or more days a week. Also all the research studies done showed no negative side effects for both men and women!


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