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4 Health Benefits of Decaf Coffee

Decaf, the short term for decaffeinated coffee, is one where up to 97% of the caffeine content of a coffee is removed through different methods.  And the reason most people prefer this type of coffee is when they don't want caffeine or when they're sensitive to it. Also, decaf is for people who dislike the bitter and strong taste and smell of regular coffee. Decaf is milder and mellower fragrance, making it more likeable for people who opt for it.

But more than these reasons, people are also fond of this coffee because of its health benefits. In this article, we will be laying down all of these health benefits for you to get to know more about decaf coffee and possibly influence your coffee preferences. 

1.   Decaf reduces the risk of having to develop type 2 Diabetes. 


The caffeine contained in a regular coffee is said to be contributory to issues on blood sugar, which could further result in type 2 Diabetes. Plus, it can either raise the insulin levels or  blood sugar of those who have the disease already. This only means that a person who is fond of coffee can consider decaf as a safer and less risky alternative. 

2.    Decaf is less acidic, making it more friendly to the abdominal cavity. 


One of the dire effects of coffee is that it's acidic and could later develop certain diseases such as GERD and acid reflux. Especially when coffee is consumed in more than four cups a day, these diseases are likely to occur. As such, decaf options are much healthier and less risky coffee alternatives. Remember, your body can only tolerate a certain level of acidity and too much of it would result in undesirable health consequences.

3.   Decaf improves your sleep and combats anxiety. 


Needless to say, coffee enables you to stay awake at night because of caffeine which is naturally a stimulant. This chemical does something in one's circadian melatonin rhythms that delays sleep. So, if your coffee has lesser caffeine content, it will most certainly not ruin your sleep cycle. Also, decaf helps combat anxiety because it does stimulate your fight or flight responses as much as caffeinated ones do. Caffeine creates jittery effects into your body and causes you anxiety, while decaf does the exact opposite. 

4.   Decaf contains almost the same amount of antioxidants as regular coffee does. 


You need not to worry about the level of antioxidants decaf has because it almost has the same level as regular coffee. Meaning, if you drink coffee because it can reduce the risks of developing certain diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, you can still opt for decaf because they're almost identical with caffeinated ones.


Final Words


If you do love coffee but you're sensitive to caffeine, decaf is definitely the way to go. Surely, switching to this type is a good adjustment especially if you're a heavy coffee drinker. We've outlined some health benefits of decaf coffee above, which we hope has enlightened you about what you can get when you switch out your caffeinated drink.

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