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Insider Tips For Building Your Ultimate Legs

Let's be honest, leg training is the worst part of exercising. It is not fun, it makes you feel miserable for days, and every six weeks you need to find new exercises because the old ones have lost their effectiveness. However, skipping leg day is not a great solution, unless you want to have tiny legs and huge biceps. Although leg day can hardly be turned into a fun activity, there are some ways you can speed up your progress and build your ultimate legs.


Start with squats


If the first thing you do when you get to the gym on a leg day is rounds of leg presses, you are not the only one. Although a lot of builders follow this routine, it doesn't mean it is the most effective one. Actually, you should start your leg days with good old squats. Since you haven't worked out yet your energy levels are high and your overall fatigue is low. Therefore, it is the perfect time for an exercise that engages most of your muscles and delivers the biggest anabolic punch. Did you know that doing squats with weights in socks can help you feel more grounded and help you engage more muscles? Make sure you pack a pair of durable and comfortable socks when you hit the gym and try this workout without your shoes on. The most important thing about doing your squats is making sure that your technique is perfect, otherwise you will just be wasting your time. If you cannot figure out on your own whether you are making some mistakes, ask someone in the gym (someone experienced, not a rookie) to check out your form.


Go deep


Speaking of squats, it is important that you aim to get deeper squats every time. If you just descend a couple of inches and then quickly pop back up, in time you will create a strength imbalance between the quads and glutes. In case you are not able to get low, make sure you are warming up properly. Your muscles and joints need to be ready for action, and they cannot be without a good pre-workout warmup.


Make planned changes


You cannot follow the same routine month after month and expect great results. Your workouts need to constantly change if you want to see some progress, but do not just make random adjustments. Instead, find a good program that offers planned stages of varying intensity and volume. Even if you finish it in a month or two, you can do the whole thing all over again, but this time with heavier weights.




If you want to give your 100% and get the best workout possible, you need to be mentally present all the time. If your mind is all over the place and you are thinking about your work of family problems while training, you won't achieve the effect you otherwise would. Therefore, focus on your every movement and you will make sure that you are working as hard as you can and maximize the benefits of each training session.


Get creative


We have already mentioned that doing more of the same workout time after time is a recipe for a disaster. If you are looking for a way to make your old exercises effective again, there are several slight changes that can make all the difference. For example, instead of placing the bar on your shoulders, move it to your upper chest so you bring your center of gravity forward. You can also place your feet closer together or wider apart in order to engage different muscles.

We hope that these simple tricks will help you make the most of your leg day and achieve your bodybuilding goal.

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