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Build Triceps for Bigger Arms

Smash the Triceps for Bigger Looking Arms

The triceps make up 2/3 of the arm. Thatís why working on your triceps make your arms look much bigger and give them shape. There are two steps, which you can include in your efforts to build stronger triceps. The first step is the ďI need to train harder and do moreĒ school of thought. In the first step, higher volume and higher intensity always is the answer for your lagging body parts. Following this method of thinking usually leads to negative returns. The other step is a little bit more cerebral in nature. It requires you to actually take the problem apart and attack it individually from different perspectives. In this case, the problem is your triceps. Triceps are divided into three basic heads, lateral, medial and long. It is more important to know how to target them instead of knowing where theyíre located. The following tips will explain how to build triceps for bigger arms.

Train the triceps at least twice every week:

If youíre not planning on increase the frequency of training for the triceps for more than 7 weeks, training the triceps only twice a week is good stimulus for a nice rate of growth. The triceps recover fast, thatís why taking two to three days off between the workouts are a good practice. Also if you do triceps training twice a week, make the exercises completely different, to ensure that the fibres of the muscle are stimulated differently.

Do not ever stop at failure:

If you are looking to get bigger arms, the key thing is to take your work out sets to the point of muscle failure. At this point itís impossible to do any more reps. Taking at least 1 or 2 sets post muscle failure, ensures that the muscle has to work very hard. Lifters measure this effort the next day as muscle soreness.

Forced reps:

On heavy sets of overhead extensions, it is advisable to have a partner working out with you. This will ensure that you can push past the breaking point.

Drop sets:

This is another method to build triceps for bigger arms. Instead of finishing the set at a point of muscle failure, quickly reduce the overall weight by 25 percent and resume the set. This way you are working towards a second stage of muscle failure. Cable movements are good with drop sets.

Peak contraction training:

Instead of completely dropping the weights, when you have reached the level of full extension, it is advisable to consciously hold and squeeze the triceps until the end of a full count before you decide to lower the weight. As you get more and more fatigued, you can gradually reduce the time that you hold. However, this is an amazing way to increase the potency of your exercise sets.

However, it is only not advisable to pay attention to your triceps and neglect your chest, your biceps and your legs. The trick is to get a balanced type of look to attract all the desired attention.

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