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Bodybuilding Weight Classes

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By Idaho Bodybuilding Competitions

What are the weight classes for bodybuilding competition?

Since there are so many bodybuilders out there, which range in weight and sizes, there are a variety of bodybuilding weight classes which have been created in the sport, to allow for a more fair and evenly matched competition. Not only does this allow those individuals in a certain class show their strength among others in the same class, it makes for a more even playing field. Some people are born with certain geans and are heavier or lighter by nature, for this reason there are several bodybuilding classes, determined by gender and by weight in each category, in order to make the competitions fair, and more interesting.

Men's bodybuilding weight classes

First off, in the men's category, there are 6 different categories. Although this can vary in certain competitions, this is the average weight classes for each of them. There is a bantam weight class, which is for men who weight 143 and 1/4 pounds, and less. The next weight class for men is the light weight division. This class is for men over the 143 and 1/4 pounds, up to those weight (including) 154 and 1/4 pounds. The middle weight class is next, and includes men over 154 and 1/4 pounds, up to (and including) 176 and 1/4 pounds.

The next mens class is the light heavyweight class. This is for men weighing over 176 and 1/4 pounds, up to (and including), 198 and 1/4 pounds. The heavyweight class is next, and includes, 198 and 1/4 pounds, and men weighing up to (and including) 225 and 1/4 pounds. The final weight class for men is the super heavyweight class. This class is for men over 225 and 1/4 pounds.

Women's bodybuilding weight classes

For womens competitions, there are typically only three classes. The first is lightweight, which includes women weight 118 pounds and under. The middle weight class is for women over 118 and up to (and including) 132 pounds. And the final class is heavyweight for women weighing over 132 pounds.

Although these classes are not set in stone, and vary from competitions, this is the basic breakdown. Not only does it offer a wider array of competitors, it also evens the playing field, and allows each individual body builder to really show what they are capable of, against competitors in the same body and weight class which they are in. It makes for more interesting competition, and allows for truly fair match ups in each class.

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Bodybuilding Weight Classes

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