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bodybuilding newsletter archive

Bodybuilding newsletter archive of the Truly Huge Fitness and Bodybuilding Newsletter, a weekly newsletter highlighting original content on a wide range of topics such as workouts, diet, nutrition, supplements, product reviews and more. All articles are written by experts in fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition.

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Archives of Bodybuilding Newsletters

Are You Undertraining If you are not seeing gains you have to ask yourself - Am I undertraining?
Leg Training Mistakes Don't want to go astray by making some fundamental training mistakes.
One Arm T-Bar Row This exercise is tough and nasty but gives super results.
Benefits of the Bent Press Provides big benefits, including strength, movement and mobility.
Stimulate the Muscle, Don't Annihilate It Growth can come to a halt if you push the muscle too hard all the time.
Tricep Tri Set Workout Here is a workout that will turbocharge your triceps training.
Unconventional Calf Training Some calf workout ideas that are off the beaten training path.
Unique Bodybuilding Exercises Here are three not commonly used exercises that give great results.
What to Eat for Breakfast to Burn Fat Get your day off to a fast fat-burning start by eating certain foods.
Explode Your Bench Press There are several things you can do to help your bench press explode.
Best Way to Increase Bench Press Reps Before you can kick up the poundage you have to first increase reps.
Bench Press Sticking Point Exercises Some exercises to help get a bigger bench press.
Balanced Leg Training Do you have legs that are big up at the top and descend down to nothing?
Burn Fat by Eating More Increase your thermic metabolic rate by eating more frequently.
Weight Lifting Balance the Forgotten Element The key differences between free weights and machines.
15 Minute Workout Routine A great workout structured to be performed in 15 minutes.
The Bench Press is Overrated Because it doesn't always work the chest as good as it could.
Compound Aftershock Arm Training Quick and efficient training applied to the arms.
Abs Not Showing If you are a non-competitive bodybuilder, do you know where your abs are?
Should You Eat Carbs after 7 p.m.? Yes and no. It depends upon the type of carbohydrates you have.
Foods to Avoid for Fat Loss Find out the top three foods to avoid to lose abdominal fat.
Bodybuilding Carb Cycling What is carb cycling? And how to do it right.
Weightlifting Exercises to Avoid These exercises can have a negative instead of positive approach.
How to Make Your Abs Pop Out The path to takes a couple of different trails, each equally important.
Chest Back Superset Workout Working the chest and back together makes you feel invincible.
How to End Junk Food Cravings Junk food is the downfall of many a good bodybuilder.
Number One Abdominal Exercise There are dozens and dozens of ab exercises, but which one is best?
One Body Part a Day Training All your focus goes into one muscle group and nothing else.
Overcoming Strength Plateaus Learn how to keep increasing strength for bodybuilding.
Old School Weight Lifting Exercises Here are a few of the best old style exercises that still work great.
Dad Bod to Ripped Get a Rad Bod, not a Dad Bod, with this 3 step complete body transformation plan.
Morning Energy Drink Recipe Make your own delicious energy drink for bodybuilding.
Testosterone Boosting Trick There is a cool trick you can do to increase your T levels.
Heavy vs Light Weights Bodybuilding Should you use heavy or light weights to build muscle?
What are Tabata Workouts Works both aerobic and anaerobic systems at the same time.
The Magic Number of Reps There is a repetition range that has been proven effective for packing on muscle size.
Workout Like A Boss You have to go hard, hot and heavy if you want to make real progress.
The Most Under Trained Muscles Most guys tend to neglect the the forearms, the calves, and the neck.
Do You Lift Too Heavy to Gain Muscle Strict form is the only way to safely increase muscle size.
Developing the Muscles of the Middle Back Specific exercises that can help you get the job done.
Popeye Workout – Forearms & Calves Most people are the opposite of Popeye, with weak forearms and calves.
Building Muscle Thickness Muscles are 3-D, don't train them as if they were only two-dimensional.
Muscle Building Made Simple The truth is that building muscle is not rocket science and never has been.
How to Recover Faster Between Workouts A few important tips you can add to increase muscle recovery.
Lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger There are many lessons we can learn from Arnold.
Are Squats Bad for Your Knees Incorrect squatting technique can and will eventually cause an injury.
Are Egg Yolks Good or Bad For years the egg yolk has had a bad reputation.
The Essence of Strength Training Strength comes from the consistency of progressive resistance.
Your Intensity Threshold Intensity is the active ingredient in all exercises.
Your Attitude Towards Health and Fitness Why is attitude important in maintaining health and fitness.
5 Rep Power Workout The five repetition range builds power and muscle mass.
Counting Calories vs Eating Healthy Counting calories should never trump healthy eating.
Special Forces Training Program This routine will make you tough as nails.
High Reps for Mass Can high reps really churn out more muscle size?
Kick Start Muscle Growth Things you can do to give your muscles a big kick down the road to new growth.
How to Recruit More Muscle Fibers Compound movements are much better for muscle recruitment.
Can Protein Damage Your Kidneys What is the best and safest protein supplement?
Dynamic Warm Up Exercises Gets your body ready to go hard right away.
Lose Fat Without Hunger Success at losing fat comes from planning your daily nutrition.
How to Build a Rugged Physique This routine will make your physique more rugged.
Training without a Spotter The quintessential tool for training without a spotter is the power rack.
Workout Finisher Ideas There are several things you can do to finish your workout strong.
Bicep Supination Curls Another way to work the biceps is via the twisting action.
How to Build Killer Calves The calves hold the key to your lower body's appearance.
Shoulder Shocker Workout A simple shoulder shock routine can be a great change of pace.
Get Ripped Triceps Workout The extra inch for ripped triceps.
Rowing Exercise Variations Get your rowing right and your back muscles will grow.
Maintenance Workout Bodybuilding What is a bookmark workout?
How to Get a Sleek Physique Arnold had sleeker muscles than anyone else.
Fitness Errors in Fitness Experts Advice Avoiding the experts tendency to error.
Pre Steroid Era Bodybuilding Routines Go back to the future to build muscle naturally.
How to Train the Right Way Training is a big part of bodybuilding success – or failure.
Squatting Right for Size Are you squatting the right way?
Should You Count Reps No, don't count reps, make your reps count.
Full Range of Motion for More Muscle Employing a limited range of motion, however, is a mistake.
How to Get Split Biceps Big is not the only factor in a hot pair of guns.
Training for Symmetry and Proportion Is the art of making everything in the body look balanced.
Bodybuilding Hip Workout This area typically gets totally ignored by most people who work out.
Bodybuilding Instinctive Training Is the point where you go from being a novice to a more advanced level.
Non Lockout Reps One of the most brutal training techniques of all is the non-lock out training style.
Bodybuilding Hamstring Training The stiff leg deadlift is a great tool for stressing the hamstrings.
Bodybuilding Training No Pain No Gain Pain and growth are intrinsically linked together.
Sprinting Workouts for Bodybuilding Sprint training is fantastic for building the power center of the body.
Bodybuilding Fat Loss Trick Putting a mirror in your kitchen may help you lose fat and keep it off.
Maximize Workout Recovery Double dipping is the key to maximizing your post workout recovery.
How To Get a Small Waist and Abs Don't make this mistake when working on your waist.
How to Get Bigger Stronger Calves Try the slow ride for workout super strong calves.
Back to Basics Workout Routine If you are off track it is time to get back to the basic bodybuilding workout.
What To Do After A Carbohydrate Binge Learn how to slow down carbohydrate absorption.
How to Work Out Lower Abs Most people perform exercises that hit the upper abs, but neglect the lower abs.
Is It Possible to Overwork Your Abs Bodybuilders spend inordinate amounts of time on their waist.
Interesterified Fat Bad For Health An artificial fat that is now starting to be produced in place of trans fat.
T-Bar Row Back Attack Workout The T-bar allows for a nice deep stretch and challenges the back strongly.
John Grimek Arm Workout He had a great pair of guns – impressive, thick, big, and by the way, natural.
Healthy Homemade Burritos Recipe Do you struggle with eating healthy on the go?
Bench Press For Chest Mass Try this bench press maneuver for massive chest development.
Post Workout Liquid Nutrition For the immediate effect post workout, the best nutrition comes in liquid form.
Steve Reeves Bicep Workout He didn't do a lot of biceps exercises, but what he did really built the biceps fast.
Should You Workout When You're Tired Should you totally skip a workout just because you are feeling tired?
Quick Lunchtime Workouts With a Swiss ball you can have a very productive break or lunch time workout.
How To Avoid Supplement Side Effects Learn how to use bodybuilding supplements without side effects.
Post Workout Nutrition Tips How to reduce post workout inflammation for faster muscle recovery and growth.
Cheat Meal Damage Control Stop blood sugar spikes by using damage control after a cheat meal.
Benefits of Less Rest Between Sets For a quick boost in muscle gains, you need to reduce rest time between sets.
How to Look Like a Fitness Model If you want your body to look like the fitness moels that you see in magazines it can be done by implementing 4 basics steps.
Hugh Jackman Workout Routine Is put together in 3 different phases: Training for Strength, Training for Muscle Growth, and Training for Fat Loss.
Building Upper Body Thickness Learn how to how to get a thick upper body, muscle depth is as important as muscle width and for a balanced, symmetrical body.
How Many Warm Up Sets How many warm up sets should you do?
Free Weights or Machines Do free weights or machines build muscle faster?
Cardio Before or After Weights When should you do cardio in a workout? Avoid the huge mistake most people make.
The Importance of Grip Strength Do you have a weak grip? Some guys build up their body fairly well but overlook the grip.
Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal Why is it important to keep a food journal for bodybuilding?
Running to Get Ripped Here is a trick for keeping the muscle while burning off the fat.
Contrast Training Workout Employed by the top professional athletes (such as All-pro Mario Williams), contrast training centers on giving your metabolism an incredible spike.
Vince Gironda 6x6 routine 6 sets of 6 reps each while resting as little as only 15 seconds between sets grows muscle fast.
How to get a body like an MMA fighter Mixed martial arts training produces a body that is conditioned and developed differently than those that typical training produce.
Slow Reps for Muscle Size If you are not concentrating on exactly what you are doing and you are using as much momentum as you possibly can then you are simply wasting your time.
Targeted Muscle with Blowout Day Workouts Target one area and overload it for some nice new growth and significant muscle gains.
Pain Zone Bicep Pump Up Ever hit the wall when working on your biceps? You know, that point where you don't seem to be able to produce any more gains no matter what you do?
Hitting Your Muscles From Different Angles It doesn't take much of a change in an angle to change the effect on the muscles.
Advantages of Decline Bench Press Some of the very best professional bodybuilders actually employ the decline bench press as their primary chest building exercise. Why?
How to Gain Muscle Slowly Is the slow way really the best way to gain muscle?
Full Range of Motion vs Partial Reps You see them every time you go to the gym, the people who cheat on their workout.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arm Workout One of Arnold's "old school secrets" that helped him pump his arms to new dimensions was using supersets.
Sound Mind and Sound Body Learn about ancient Greek mind and body development.
How to Get a Body Like a Greek God To get a Greek God body, you need to go about your training as an artist would carve a statue.
How to Get a Wide V Shaped Back When it comes to your upper torso, you want to be as wide as possible.
Turbo-Charge Your Chest How to get the most out of your chest workout.
Wide Grip Upright Rowing for Wide Shoulders If you are looking at promoting more width in your physique, this version of the upright row will do the trick.
What is Occlusion Training The pump is a key element for building bigger muscles, the bigger the pump, the bigger the muscles grow.
Starting A Fitness Program Your fitness program depends on your goals, there is cardio, strength or power training, muscle building, and flexibility.
Reverse Pyramid Training Workout What exactly is a reverse pyramid training workout and why do so many bodybuilders and lifters seem to be attached to it?
How To Increase Workout Intensity Ensure your workouts are progressive and give you the maximum muscle growth stimulation.
Short Intense Workouts Are Better By training for extended lengths of time you may be doing more harm than good.
Simple Ab Workout Routine The abdominal muscles generally fall into one of two categories - people either ignore them or train the tar out of them.
No Gym Leg Workout When you are on the road you don’t always have access to a gym.
Barbells vs Dumbbells There are some men who specifically prefer one or the other so we are going to be talking about the advantages of using each of these.
Serge Nubret Old School Arm Workout Serge did not believe in low reps or training to failure, instead he used super strict form and did high reps and high sets.
How To Get Huge Triceps Fast If you want big arms then you need big triceps because triceps are 75% of the size of your upper arms.
How To Get Peaked Biceps Some of the greatest professional bodybuilders have managed to change the shape of their bicep by doing different exercises.
How To Do Stomach Vacuum Exercise Do you train your abs all the time and still get no results as far as a smaller waist?
How To Get Rid Of Love Handles Believe it or not they can be isolated specifically to do a workout that targets that area.
8 Pack Abs Workout Being able to show all 8 abs on your body comes from a very specific type of training but also nutrition.
Ab Exercises for a Smaller Waist With all the many different abs exercises out there it certainly can be confusing to know exactly what is the right thing to do in order to get results fast.
Building Muscle Mass and Definition Today we know that it is possible to build mass AND definition at the same time.
Lou Ferrigno Arm Workout If you want to get huge arms then training like Mr. Ferrigno this very well be the answer.
Power Bodybuilding Workouts A combination of training for muscle mass and shape along with strength & power which gives you the complete package.
The Health and Fitness Lifestyle When people think of health and fitness we all generally include the attributes of happiness and success thrown in as well.
High Rep High Volume Training Is absolutely necessary for advanced lifters to get bigger and stronger.
Get Ripped Quick Workout Sports science has spent many years examining all the different types of ways of losing fat the healthy way.
How To Get Swole Arms If you want to rapidly increase the size of your biceps here are a few pointers that have proven themselves to be effective.
Bodybuilding and the Brain Bodybuilding affects you both physically and mentally and anyone who trains regularly will know that.
Advanced Bodybuilding Strategies There are many different advanced strategies to increase muscle growth for advanced bodybuilders.
Ergogenix Quantum Body Method Workouts Probably the main reason why it is so effective is because it takes the best and puts it to use.
The Pump and Muscle Growth It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who first said that getting a "pump" is better than coming.
Get Arms Like Arnold The Austrian Oak also known as just Arnold has probably got the most famous and without a doubt the most well-known arms in the world.
Bodybuilding Myths Debunked Separating bodybuilding fact from bodybuilding fiction.
Best Time to Work Out Timing your workouts can not only greatly affect how you feel about doing them, but also how much energy you have and how productive the training is as a result.
Bench Press Advice I don't care if you a bodybuilder, powerlifter, fitness buff, etc. it seems that everyone wants a bigger bench press.
Old School Arm Training The real trick is to get your arms big while keeping the size of your waist down.
Healthy Bodybuilding Nutrition One of the best things you can do for better bodybuilding results is to improve your overall health by proper eating.
Intensity or Insanity Training You need to get a balance where you can know when you are going too far and when you need to push yourself harder.
Lactic Acid Training What is lactate threshold training?
High Tension Training Do you like muscle tension? Most people try to unload tension from their body - even in the gym.
How to Build Neck Muscles Having strength in your neck can be a big advantage in developing your overall strength.
Maximum Pump Workout The maximum pump workout is a total anabolic muscle building and fat burning workout.
Undertraining vs Overtraining If you are not making gains in the gym it can be due to two factors, either overtraining or undertraining.
Bodybuilding Phase Training In order to achieve the results of progressive resistance training one needs to make sure that your body is always adapting to new stress.
High or Low Reps for Cutting Bodybuilders have been arguing for ages about the importance of doing high or low reps when you are busy cutting your fat down.
How to Get Big Triceps Triceps are are more than two thirds the size of your arm so it is without a doubt a very important muscle to train in order to get bigger arms.
How to Get Big Biceps There are certain classic movements when training biceps that have always done the job very well and always will.
The Secret To Getting Big Arms People ask me every day "What is the secret to getting big arms?".
Weight Lifting Range of Motion Training A different approach to progression, range of motion training.
Is Training to Failure Necessary? Not to failure fraining, the art of holding back.
The Truth About Overtraining The true situation 99.9% of the time with modern bodybuilders is overtraining not undertraining.
How To Do One Legged Squats If you get to the point where you can do 5 full range reps you will see a big difference in a short space of time.
How To Do One Arm Push Ups There are some basic principles that one should keep in mind when starting with one arm push ups.
How To Do One Arm Chin Ups An extremely advanced technique that is used to gain upper body strength and mass.
Full Squats vs Half Squats The controversy about full squats has been going since the invention of sports medicine.
Bodybuilding Nutrition Tips Nutrition is everything if you want to get results from your hard workouts.
Healthy Herbs and Spices Many herbs and spices have potent nutrient capability that can enhance your health.
5 Sets of 5 Reps Workout Training with 5 sets of 5 reps each is probably the best way to break through that dreaded plateau that all weight trainers go through.
Alternating Light and Heavy Workouts There are both simple and complicated reasons why you should combine various workouts using light and heavy weights.
Best Workout for Leg Mass Need New Leg Growth? Enter the Pain Zone. Here is how...
Stretching for Muscle Growth If you stretch on a regular basis you will be able to enhance the muscle development process.
Multi Angle Training Workout When talking about multi-angle training in order to maximize your gains you should be aware that we are not all the same.
How To Change Up Your Workouts Advanced bodybuilders know very well that they only way to keep growing or putting on more muscle is by constantly changing their workouts.
How to Build Muscle While Losing Fat Can you really build muscle and burn fat at the same time?
Basic Home Workout Routine Need a good basic routine that will hit the entire body in a minimum amount of time?
Sports Drinks Good or Bad Many people will grab a sports drink such as Gatorade, Powerade, etc. after their workout to replace fluids and electrolytes.
Bodyweight Circuit Training Do you want to build muscle, burn fat, increased endurance and cardiovascular conditioning?
Weight Lifting vs Body Weight Exercises Which one gets the best results? The answer may suprise you.
How To Do 100 Pushups Here is a simple program to help you reach the goal of 100 pushups.
Best Bodyweight Exercises What can you do when you can't get a gym?
Periodization Training for Bodybuilders What is periodization training and does periodization training work?
6 Week Fat Loss Tips Here are some tips that have proven successful in helping people drop fat in 6 weeks.
What Workout is Best For You Choosing the right exercise program for you.
Bodybuilding and Juicing What are the benefits of juicing for bodybuilding?
Bodybuilding and Fasting The benefits of intermittent fasting for bodybuilding.
How Often Should You Weigh Yourself I see so many people try to gauge their weight gain or loss by simply stepping on a scale once a week.
Core Strengthening Exercises Think of your body's core, as your power plant, where all of your energy comes from. If that power plant fails, and runs out of energy, how are you going to be able to live?
Chia Bodybuilding and Cortisol Have you noticed all of sudden interest in a food product called "chia" lately?
How To Vary Your Workout Volume Are you locked into one approach to volume output when it comes to training?
Volume vs Intensity Workout I'm sure you have heard the old saying, "You can workout harder or you can workout longer, but you can't do both at the same time".
How to Get Ripped Obliques Genetics play a big part in having great obliques. With the right nutrition though, you can accomplish a lot.
Bodybuilding Safety Tips For The Gym You see it all the time, some guy who takes Arnolds "cheat" principle a bit to far in the gym doing his barbell curls.
How To Make Progress In The Gym Progressive overload is what makes your muscle grow bigger, stronger and faster. And it is the core of any successful training program.
Intensity and Bodybuilding Intensity is the most important factor responsible for triggering muscular adaptation.
Slow Reps or Fast Reps There is quite a controversy going on about rep cadences. What is the best rep speed?
Running for Bodybuilders A few good reasons why some running should be included in a training program.
What Happens When You Stop Working Out? What happens if, for some reason injury, holidays, burnout, or something else you have to stop for a while.
Muscle Mass vs Muscle Strength Increase your size by increasing your strength.
Overtraining Test: Are You Overtraining? Yes, you do have to work hard to build muscle and strength, but if you are overtraining then you effort will be wasted and your reward will be stagnation.
Muscle Recovery Workout Plan Even though it comes from old school bodybuilder Frank Calta, it was way ahead of it's time. The program is called "Rotation for Recuperation".
The Best Bodybuilding Exercise Have You Been Ignoring It?
Old School Weight Lifting Routines Old school workouts that really work.
Best Ab Exercise for Six Pack Abs What's the best exercise for six pack abs?
Barbell Hack Squat Benefits | Hack Squats for Leg Mass If you match the hack squat rep for rep with a squat, you'll be on your way to developing quads, especially if they're your stubborn body part.
Power Cleans Benefits for Bodybuilding Power cleans are one of the most effective full-body exercises to date.

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