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Bodybuilding Jokes

Checkout these funny bodybuilding jokes:

Bodybuilder: Is there a veterinarian around here?
Friend: I have no idea. Why?
Bodybuilder: (Flexes Biceps) Well, because these pythons are sick!

Q.) What exercises to hairdressers do in the gym?
A.) Curls

Q.) What do you get when you cross a bodybuilder with a Peeping Tom?
A.) Amazing Peeks

Q.) Did you hear about the bodybuilding farmer?
A.) He was arrested for destroying his calves in the gym.

Q.) What do you call Santa Claus with muscles?
A.) Mr. XMass

Bodybuilder: Does anybody have any tape I can borrow?
Unsuspecting Bystander: Why?
Bodybuilder: Because I am beyond ripped!

Bodybuilder: Do you know the phone number for the local plumber?
Unsuspecting Bystander: No, why?
Bodybuilder: Well, because my pipes are so swollen!

Bodybuilder: Excuse me; do you know which way the hospital is?
Stranger: Yes, down the street. Why? You look perfectly fine!
Bodybuilder: Well, I'm actually all cut up! (Flexes Muscles)

Two bodybuilders were having a fight in the street outside of their favorite bar because one stole the other's supplements. One of them tore the exhaust pipe off of a nearby car and shoved it down the other bodybuilder’s throat. Afterwards, he said, "Now this is what I call the pre-exhaust principle!".

Q.) Why wasn't the bodybuilder evicted from his apartment?
A.) Because he was squatting.

Q.) Why did the bodybuilder train at the zoo with all of the animals?
A.) Because he wanted to get ripped to shreds

A massive bodybuilder befriends a pretty girl at a local bar. After several drinks and hours of conversation, the two decide to leave and head back to his place. After making out in the bedroom for a while, he stands up and starts to undress. After removing his shirt, he flexes his muscles and says, "See here, baby? That is 1000 pounds of dynamite." She starts to drool, itching with anticipation. The bodybuilder drops his pants next and says, "See these, baby? These legs are 1000 pounds of dynamite." At this point, she is aching to get started. Lastly, he takes of his boxers. The woman screams, grabs her purse, and runs towards the door. He catches her before she can leave and asks what the problem is. She replies, "With 2000 pounds of dynamite and such a short fuse, I was afraid you could blow at any second!"

Bodybuilding Jokes

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