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Bodybuilding History: The Golden Era of Bodybuilding

bodybuilding golden era

Bodybuilding can be described as the methodical and deliberate reconstruction of body tissues and cells, in an attempt to optimize/maximize the lean muscle mass while at the same time minimizing the body fat levels. The roots of bodybuilding can be traced all way back to the ancient Greece. It was the ancient Greek athletes who normally trained in gymnasiums, however, they didn't use resistance training to modify their bodies, but rather as a means of improving at the particular sport(s) they participated in.

Bodybuilding Turning Points

It was in the 11th century that bodybuilding actually first arrived on the scene. Back when Indians would use some primitive dumbbell weights which were carved from stones for the main purpose of getting stronger and bigger. However, it wasn't until mid-19th century when weight training became popular as a means of increasing strength and improving health. People began getting exposed, to what was later to be known as, the physical culture; through the traveling strongmen of the time.

Over the years, weight lifting has evolved and grown so much that today, the bodybuilding practices in the early periods of 1800s to 1900 seem archaic, at best. The bodybuilding practices of the 19th century included, issuing challenges to other strongmen so as to see who could out lift the other, as they moved from town to town. Some other practices usually included; lifting animals and pulling carts. The public loved watching the strongmen compete. Back then, how their physiques appeared didn't factor into their displays of physical strength and prowess. As a matter of fact, protruding stomachs and fatty limbs were common place amongst the competitors. Well, as 20th century approached, a man emerged and bridged the gap between the unsightly and overweight strongmen, and the bodybuilders as we know them today.

The Bodybuilding Golden Era

One of the biggest influences in bodybuilding, is the bodybuilding legend known as Eugene Sandow. He is officially the first famous bodybuilder, and the father of todays, modern bodybuilders. Eugene Sandow, born in the year 1867, became a phenomenon thanks to his unprecedented unique combination of great muscle strength and quality physique. He became a turn of the century physical cultural icon. He is still referred to as one of bodybuilding's greatest icons. Eugen Sandow was the muscle superstar bodybuilder of his age. He developed some of the very first bodybuilding equipment and also launched the first ever bodybuilding magazine. The magazine was originally known as "Physical Culture," but later changed to "Sandow's Magazine, of Physical Culture."

The golden era of bodybuilding came about in the 1970s. During this decade, one of the bodybuilding greats, Arnold Schwarzenegger, put bodybuilding on the map. After a lot of success in Europe, Schwarzenegger, who was also popularly known as "Austrian Oak", burst on to international bodybuilding scene. He won the Mr. Olympia title at a record breaking age, of 23, beating Sergio Oliva. Arnold would later on go on a winning streak, and won the Mr. Olympia title every year, up to the year 1975, a record breaking six times.

The Mr. Olympia competition was later on split between two size categories; the tall man and the small man. Before 1976, it was the tall men who had always won, however, in 1976, Franco Columbo became the first small man to win the Mr. Olympia title.

The next influential bodybuilding legend to burst on to the scene was a guy by the name Lee Haney. He broke Arnold Schwarzenegger's record, and won eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles from 1984 to 1991. Since then, bodybuilding has undergone many changes.

How Bodybuilding Has Evolved

As compared to some of the modern bodybuilders, the "golden age bodybuilders" knew how to bulk and cut properly, because they normally relied on the most basic and fundamental nutritional information. They kept it simple. There wasn't any Ketosis diets, they did not eliminate carbohydrates, and they knew what needed to be done in order to achieve maximum muscle growth.

Reliance on drugs has been a major blow to bodybuilding. Today, there are dozens of anabolic steroids which are far stronger. There are also many new classes of different drugs such as human growth hormones, and several other peptide hormones in the market. Worse still, most modern bodybuilders even use insulin, which is very dangerous. These types of drugs have led to production of massively disproportionate, and imbalanced body physiques, because many of the drugs do not just cause muscle growth, but they also make everything else in the body grow, including the organs, bones and even some potentially cancerous body tissues. That's the main reasons why some modern bodybuilders look imbalanced while the golden era bodybuilders looked like the actual epitome of masculinity.

On the other hand, bodybuilding has also seen some tremendous positive changes. There are new great practices of weight training, and knowledge about the best diets which is all central to bodybuilding success, at all levels. These changes have helped enhance the lives of many bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Useful Information

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