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Bodybuilding for Women

Women of all ages like to have a toned or even muscular body. Bodybuilding is one way to achieve the muscle tone and does not necessarily mean she has to bulk up to the size of a man in the process although, with the right amount of work, it is possible if the female chooses to do so. The amount of muscle a woman can gain is usually determined by the levels of testosterone in her system.

Bodybuilding Tips for Women

A diet that is rich in protein, low in fat and moderate in carbohydrates will allow a woman to lose fat while building lean muscles. Protein shakes and amino acids are an excellent way to add more protein to a diet without all the unnecessary calories. Fiber is another much needed ingredient in a healthy diet. Vitamin supplements, such as multi-vitamins can be taken daily and are usually required by many weight trainers.

A workout routine should be part of any daily routine. Schedule an exercise and weight lifting session for no less than 45 minutes every other day. A daily routine for basic workouts should be planned daily with a time limit of no less than 30 minutes.

If working out at home a great way to keep on schedule is to write down a workout plan in a notebook. This workout journal should include all daily goals and times.

When starting with weight training it is always best to start with smaller weights and over time more can be added. Pain is not a friend of anyones so do not struggle with weights that are too heavy. Straining can occur to the muscle and usually turns women away from any type of training after that.

Squats, leg extentions are great way to workout the lower body and build muscle. Lunges can be used in variation so the body can keep responding to the movements and continue to build muscle. The front lunge, inner thigh lunge and ballet squats are all great lower body muscle building exercises.

For upper body muscle building do bench press, pull downs, shoulder press, tricep extentions and curls.

For a toned mid-section crunches and sit ups are two of the main and best exercises.

An aerobic exercise routine is another great addition to a workout. This gets the blood pumping and helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

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