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Bodybuilding Art
Female Bodybuilding Art

bodybuilding art
Bodybuilding Art

female bodybuilding art
Female Bodybuilding Art

About the artist:
I am a artist and I draw a verity of muscular classic looking women. I do have a web site with over 70 different illustrations. From high detailed oil pastel to comic style training ink portraits. My art reflects the true meaning of what I think is perfection in a body. Images or drawings of fitness models, guys, or H.O.T Chicks in tight thongs smiling holding a pair of 1.5 kilogram pink weight is mainly pure fantasy, It comes out rather scary to me, because that's not how it truly is. I was actually side track on believing that a few sessions of aerobics would give me the body of Anja Langer. We all know as athletes (definitely bodybuilding) its H.A.R.D to get H.A.R.D, I'm passionate about bodybuilding as I am about drawing, its just this feeling that can never die. The true secret and success to weight training or fitness is the feeling. Motivation, patience, will power, self discipline... should all come naturally.

A Judge In matters Of Taste.

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