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Bodybuilding and Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Hindu discipline which includes body postures along with breathing control to increase strength, flexibility, health and promote relaxation.

Bodybuilders have been turning to Yoga to increase their flexibility, elongate their muscles and to relax and recover after workouts. In fact many bodybuilding trainers are now taking PT Qualifications that include a Yoga Course.

Yoga will build your strength & stamina, increase flexibility, improve balance and posture. Although it may be challenging to beginners, Yoga classes help deepen your practice and explore new poses.

Bodybuilding Yoga Benefits

Bodybuilding and Yoga complement each other, Bodybuilding builds strength, muscle mass and reduces body fat while Yoga relaxes tight muscles, improves workout recovery, helps prevent injuries, improves posture and even improves your posting routine.

Here are just some of the benefits bodybuilders can get from doing Yoga:

Bodybuilding Yoga Poses

Here are a few simple Yoga poses you can try out right away to get you started:

1. The Pyramid Pose

Increases flexibility in your lower back and hamstrings. It will also helps strengthen the muscles of your quadriceps, shins and feet.

Start with your left foot forward, step your right leg back while keeping both legs straight with and toes facing forward. Lean forward as far as you can sending your forehead towards your left knee and hold for 20 seconds. Relax and repeat for the other leg forward.

2. The Forward Bend and Shoulder Opener

Great for stretching your lower back and hamstrings while increasing shoulder flexibility.

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly bend forward while knees locked or slightly bent, just like in a toe touching stretch. Now Interlace fingers with your hands behind your back and bring your arms back and up as far as you can. Relax and hold for 20 seconds.

3. The Butterfly

Stretches the inner thighs, groin and adductors.

Sit down on the floor, put soles of your feet together, hold your ankles and let your knees splay out to your sides. Relax and hold for 20 seconds

3. The Downward Dog

Stretches your hamstrings, achilles tendons and calves while strengthening your arms and shoulders.

Bend forward and with your hands and feet on the ground bring your head between your arms and extend your butt up and back to form a triangle. Hold this pose for 20 to 30 seconds in the beginning and over time workout you way up to one to two minutes.

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