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Bodybuilding Advertising and Fitness Advertising

Thank you for considering us for your bodybuilding and fitness advertising needs. Truly Huge is one of the longest running and most bodybuilding, health and fitness websites online. Trulyhuge.com gets over 15,000 unique visits a day by people interested in bodybuilding, fitness and health products.

Our Bodybuilding and Fitness Tips newsletter has 84,000+ subscribers and growing at the rate of hundreds more each week.

Need more exposure for your website? Want to improve your page rank? Do you have any type of bodybuilding, fitness, weight loss or health related service or product?

We can help!

Through our website and weekly newsletters you'll can target large numbers of consumers that are looking for ways to improve their muscle, health and fitness.

Visitor Demographics: 65 percent male, 35 percent female, average age 36, average household income $60,000 or more a year.

The current ad rates are:

Front page banners are $600 a month (currently sold out).

Subpage banners are $200.00 a month.

Online Classified ads are $100.00 per month.

Ad sent out in newsletter $300.00 per issue.

Solo e-mailing $750.00.

Subpage text links $150 per year.

I can give a better rate for longer ad runs.

Contact us if you would like to book an ad or if you have more questions.

Bodybuilding Advertising, Health and Fitness Advertising Rules: Payment required in advance, advertising rates may be subject to change, and any bodybuilding, health or fitness advertisement must first be accepted by us.

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