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Body for Life Program Review

Body for Life

I put together this review to help both men and women achieve a better quality of life through proper diet and exercise. I have personally tried many well known diets like the South Beach Diet, The Adkins Diet, The Zone Diet, Low fat diets, other low carb diets. I've tried to get around diets by working out regularly, and I've tried to get around working out by dieting. I would lose weight, gain weight, lose it again, only to repeat this cycle over and over. I knew something had to change. I knew, as you do inside, that the best way to lose weight and really look good is to combined a healthy diet with proper exercise. I looked, I studied, I floundered, and the I found what worked for me. I found Body for Life! It changed my life and it WILL change yours!

The Body for Life Lifestyle is one that you can make work for you! You never have to totally give up any food you love. You don't have to spend countless hours a day in the gym. It does require some work and sacrifice on your part, but if you want to look your best, there is no other way to do it!

I wanted to see what I could do in JUST 12 WEEKS. No Ephedra, No Steroids, No manipulating pictures, just an average guy who wanted to push himself and see what could be done. I pushed myself as hard as I could for 12 weeks! I passed when people wanted me to eat things I should have. I got up every morning that I was required to and went to the gym. I heard people saying I looked "fine" as I was. And ultimately, I achieved my goal! I LOOK AWESOME! You can do it to! So c'mon! Don't waste another day in that tired ole fat body! The new you is JUST 12 WEEKS away!

Body for Life Workout

You are kidding yourself if you think you can make BIG physical changes by going for a 30 minute walk after dinner a couple nights a week. It's going to take INTENSE EXERCISE! THE EXERCISE PROGRAM outlined in Body for Life is designed to make your workouts very intense, fairly quick, and varied enough to make them enjoyable. Make no mistake, YOU ARE GOING TO BUST YOUR BUTT IN THE GYM IF YOU WANT FAST RESULTS!

What you do in the gym in the next 12 weeks will largely determine how you look when you are done! Sometimes you only work each body part once a week. That means you only get 4 workouts a month, so you have to make them count! If you slack off in the gym, forget looking your best! Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to be perfect in the gym. I'm asking you to honestly push yourself! Remember this "bodybuilding" program is specifically designed to be the most efficient, most effective, diet and exercise routine out there!

Your new body is out there, GO GET IT!

Body for Life Diet

Eating is more than half equation if your goal is to look your best! Think of food as the fuel you put in a high performance engine. If you put junk in the engine it's not going to run as efficiently as it could. YOU ARE THE HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINE! It's really amazing how diet can effect your look! When I started Body for Life, I had an idea of how I wanted to look: Muscular and Lean! I wanted to look equally comfortable in a business suit or swim suit! Looking like a true bodybuilder didn't appeal to me at all. I didn't want to look overstuffed in everyday clothing, or only look really good when my shirt was off. I had this idea that I wanted to look like a physically fit "average" guy to everyone who saw me, but then when my shirt was off people would think, "Crap! I had no idea he was in that kind of shape!" So diet is extremely important because I could have followed nearly the same routine, but changed my diet and looked much bulkier, and not as lean. Conversely, I could have been even more restrictive with my diet and even leaned out some more!

Now I follow a diet and use Body for Life recipes similar to what is preached in Body for Life, the book, so I do enjoy a "cheat day" every week. I want to stress EVERY WEEK because I do think it's important to have a day to "unplug" as a fellow BodyforLifer has put it. Some folks worry about gaining weight when you take a cheat day, but this is how it seemed to work for me once I had reached a level of optimum weight loss. I was losing about 2 pounds a week. Really it was more like 1.5 - 2 pounds per week, but as the example shows I did gain "weight" after a cheat day. That was attributed almost totally to what was in my belly and water retention. As long as the day before my cheat day I was at or below the previous week's weight at the same time, I was happy.


Body for Life Supplements

You can make significant gains with proper exercise and diet, but if you want to speed up the process and guarantee that your body is getting everything it nutritionally needs, everyday, then you need to look to supplements. The more you research supplements, the more frustrating it gets! Everyone has different recommendations on what you should take, how much you should take, how often you should take it, etc. Don't beat yourself up here. You'll learn pretty quickly your tolerance for taking supplements. I've spent a good deal of money on stuff I just can't take as often as I should because I just forget to take it! So I've narrowed it down to what I can realistically take everyday, and you can find that information as well as my thoughts on supplements in general on this blog. My preference is to keep it simple! Don't take too much. I've just got to think that all that stuff passes through your liver, so don't overwork it! Also, if you are taking too much of any supplement, it is just ends up in the toilet - literally!

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