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Arnold Party with the Pros

Star power is center stage

Weekend champions, renowned fitness, figure and bikini competitors, Las Vegas entertainment, and LA “spinmaster” DJ James “Big Daddy” Moorer and Chicago’s Jesse De La Tena

Columbus, Ohio Shake it up, Turn it up, and Mix it up on the Arnold Party with the Pros Red Carpet Saturday night, March 7, 2009 beginning at 9 pm at Columbus’s LC Pavilion. The new official “after hours party” for the 2009 Arnold Sports Festival, will dazzle Columbus with extravagant entertainment, an unparalleled VIP guest list, including LA “spinmaster” Big Daddy Moorer and Chicago’s Jesse De La Tena. Grab your chance to star on the “Must Be Seen” Party with the Pros Cam.

The Arnold Party with the Pros will erupt Saturday evening, March 7, 2009, at the LC Pavilion, 405 Neil Avenue, across from Nationwide Arena in the Arena District. “Fire & Ice” is the central theme of the evening featuring fire eating performers, live music & entertainment, and an awesome array of athletes from 17 sports permeating every room at LC Pavilion and the adjoining House of Crave.  In-house screens will rebroadcast the 2009 Arnold Classic, highlight show-stopping star arrivals and live entertainers including the Terminator, Conan, the amazing Bubble Man, High-Jinks Stilt Walkers, Frank Zane & the Dave Bott Band, and Divide.

The weekend’s namesake and top weekend personalities will be among VIP attendees.

The countdown to the Arnold Party with the Pros will begin backstage at the Arnold Classic as bodybuilding champions and super size strongmen move through their routines to arrive in time for the mesmerizing 11 pm live performance of Rob Surette, the World’s Fastest  Portrait Artist.  Free shuttle buses will transport people from the Veterans Memorial venue for the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition to the LC Pavilion.

Party with the Pros tickets and VIP Ticket Packages are available through Ticketmaster, www.ticketmaster.com/arnold or 800-745-3000. General admission is $25.  Doors open at 9 pm and the event wraps up at 2:30 am.

Further information is available through www.arnoldpartywiththepros.com.


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