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Androgen Herbs

androgen herbs
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Herbs to Increase Androgens

Androgens, more commonly known as hormones, are very important in maintaining a man's health. A lack of androgens can cause several issues including impotence. It is common for men to see a reducing in androgen's levels as they age. As per several reports they start declining naturally once a man hits thirty.

However, there are several other causes as well. Many men suffer from diseases that can cause an alarming reducing in androgen's level. In such conditions it is important to visit an expert to find a solution.

Fortunately, there are many ways to counter falling testosterone's levels with replacement therapy being the most common one. Yet, many people cannot afford to go for this therapy due to the huge financial cost involved. Nonetheless, one does not need to worry as there are cheaper solutions in store that have also been proven to give good results.

The right choice is to use natural herbs. However, before we move on with the herbs it is important to know about a few minerals that play key roles in this regard.

A very important mineral is zinc that plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone. Zinc is heavily found in the prostate gland as well as in the sperm cells. Several sexual health related issues are directly linked with low levels of zinc. Some of these problems include prostate cancer and sperm abnormalities.

The right level of zinc is also required to maintain a healthy level of semen volume. This is why it is important to consume a balanced diet so that your body gets adequate amount of zinc. If you are not sure about how much zinc you are consuming you may visit a health expert to get an opinion.

Now, moving on with the herbs. There are several herbs that are said to be beneficial in giving testosterone levels a boost. Explained below are four such herbs.

Eurycoma longfolia or Tongkat Ali

Many experts prefer using this herb not only for sexual health but also for overall health of the body. This has been used for years in traditional Chinese medicine to treat reducing testosterone levels. Bioactive compounds, glygopeptide, found in it are very important for the human body as they play crucial role in maintaining a healthy level of free testosterone while also lowering SHBG levels. This result in a boost in libido's level giving a jump to the overall performance.

Medical tests have also proven that Tongkat Ali helps maintain overall sperm health by increase in mortality, sperm size and sperm count.


Ginseng is among the most heavily used herbs due to its effects on overall health. Introduced by the Chinese, this is mainly used to treat sexual problems. There are several types of ginsengs all being heavily used in the world of medicines. This herb is grown in several parts of the world including America and Asia.

The chemical compounds found in ginseng's root are mainly used to increase testosterone levels. This helps in treating problems like erectile dysfunction and even hepatitis C.

Mucuna Pruriens

Several studies have shed light on the role of Mucuna Pruriens in maintaining healthy levels of testosterone in the body. This herb does not only help manage the levels but also adds to the count.

Huge amounts of l-dopa are transformed into dopamine that pushes the body to increase testosterone production. This herb is also believed to help decrease polactin levels that are the cause of almost 80% of erection failures.

Epimedium Grandiflorum Extract - "Horny Goat Weed"

This herb is not known as Horney Goat Weed for nothing. History suggests that this has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. The use of this herb results in elevated libido levels and is said to even cure impotence. Epimedium Grandiflorum plays a major role in improving overall health by giving a boost to the testosterone levels and improving sex drive.

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Androgen Herbs

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