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Paul Becker Natural Bodybuilder

Paul Becker Bodybuilding
Paul Becker at 58 years old

Paul Becker Biography

Mission Statement

I strongly oppose the use of anabolic steroids or any illegal or banned substances. My purpose is to bring you drug free training and diet techniques along with legal supplements to help you achieve your goals. I only carry products which contain ingredients that are well established dietary supplements and contain nothing illegal or banned in the USA.

About Me

I am a natural (steroid free for life) bodybuilder. I am also a bodybuilding trainer, personal fitness trainer and a weight loss coach.

I grew up in Queens, NY, in a great little town called Rosedale. At the age of 16 I became very interested in bodybuilding and fitness. Right from the beginning I felt that the idea was more then just improving appearance, but that it was intended to make us feel better, be healthier and even live longer. And of course harmful and illegal drugs of any kind could never play a part of such a lifestyle.

Once I started working out and eating right, others would notice my results and ask me for advice on their own diet and workout programs, which I was always happy to help them with. Over the last 30 years I have studied and tested all areas, including physical training, mental training, nutrition, supplements and recovery. Theories are great, but what counts is real results in the gym and on your body, and that is why after testing practically everything out there, I kept only the ones that consistently produced positive gains, time and time again. I have trained hundreds of men and women and helped them to reach their individual fitness goals.

In 1995 I wrote a manual devoted to drug free bodybuilding called "Truly Huge" which was devoted to natural muscle growth. "Truly" Huge as opposed to "fakely" or "artificially" Huge as I consider the steroids users to be.

In 1996 I launched my website TrulyHuge.com this site was designed to give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals. We offer a quality line of supplements, diet and training info, personal training, motivation and a lot of other good stuff!

In The Media

Articles about myself and my online personal training services have appeared in many well known publications such as The New York Times, The Evening Standard, etc.

I have written for many bodybuilding and fitness magazines, such as The Scientific Bodybuilding Journal, Burn! Men's Fitness, and Robert Kennedy's MuscleMag International.

My articles also can be seen on many of the top internet websites such as bodybuilding.com, bodybuildinguniverse.com, criticalbench.com, dolfzine.com, drugfreebodybuilding.com, getbig.com, etc.

Listen to my interviews on Bodybuildng Radio and with Natural Physiques.

Bodybuilding and Fitness Coaching

Let me help you achieve your bodybuilding, fitness and/or weight loss goals email me or call me at 1-503-648-1898 for your free consultation.

Stay fit and healthy!

All the best,


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