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Weslo Home Gym Review

Weslo Review

I wanted to buy my husband something really special for his birthday, he really loved keeping fit but his new job prevented him from attending the gym centers. He would always get off work and the centers would be closed. I knew what I would buy him a exercise bike for anyone who has a Weslo home gym or plan on making a home gym in the future this would definitely be a start. He could do his exercises right in the comfort of our home. I decided to buy the Weslo pursuit 4.0 exercise bike and my husband really needed it, he was always tired and overworked and needed to lose weight, he was at least 50 pounds overweight and this Weslo pursuit 4.0 exercise bike would definitely be ideal for a person who is trying to create a home gym of his own in the privacy of their own home. This really made my husband happy the day I gave it to him, he used it right away and got the exercise his body needed he was well pleased with the heart monitor that let his know if he was staying on right pace.

We are well pleased with buying this Weslo bike it really is good to have in the home and will help you lose weight and keep your legs shapely and tone your leg muscle. This bike has been great for the whole family it has helped my whole family lose weight and keep up with the number of calories they consume each day. My husband loves coming home and getting a body workout and exercising when he wants to without rushing but being able to be relaxed. My husband and I are beginning to feel more smooth and toned in the lower parts of the body. Another good thing about this Weslo exercise bike is that it is nicely padded and the seat is adjustable to give you that desirable lift whether you tall or short. When I received the Weslo pursuit 4.0 bike, it was light weight and easy to assemble, I was really pleased that I would be able to keep it in our bedroom. My children also have been able to use this bike but only under supervision as with any machinery. So if you looking to purchase a nice gift for that special guy or even that special family member this is the ideal gift and it's not expensive. It really works and help you to lose weight and keep fit.

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