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Vince Gironda eBook Building Legendary Muscles

Learn Vince Gironda's Training, Diet and Workouts

It seems as if the ever-evolving world of bodybuilding never sleeps as there are constantly new drugs, training techniques, and supplements coming out every month that often contradict, and sometimes replace, knowledge and products from the past.  And there are many trainers, competitors, and coaches alike that live for the latest tidbit of information that could give them the slight advantage over the rest of the pack. 

But there are those who buck the trend of treating bodybuilding as if it was evolving as fast as the computer industry and love to stick to the fundamentals.  And for these people, they will find an excellent approach to the basics in the Alan Palmieri e-book entitled “Vince Gironda – Building Legendary Muscles”. 

Palmieri’s book focuses on the vast array of knowledge that legendary bodybuilding competitor, trainer, and promoter Vince Gironda has to offer the world.  Stemming from his conversations with Gironda, books written by Gironda, and articles authored by the legend, Palmieri seems to nail all of the root concepts that are often overlooked in today’s bodybuilding world. 

Building Legendary Muscles does a great job of dissecting the building block of any bodybuilder’s regimen: protein.  While this may sound a bit simplistic, Gironda goes about his explanation in such a way that even seasoned bodybuilders will learn something from his discussion on protein and concepts like Negative Nitrogen Balance.

This e-book doesn’t short the reader on exercise techniques and workouts either as Palmieri lays out Gironda’s classic but grueling plan to build well-defined and huge muscles.  From his 10-8-6-15 workout to his four-sided muscle theory, Gironda’s workout will definitely provide a spark to any workout routine.

At times though, some of Gironda’s advice can be borderline old-fashioned such as when Palmieri lays out Vince’s list of common bodybuilding errors.  He preaches against doing exercises like swimming and possible distractions like music in the gym (there are many people who just can’t get motivated without music in the background).  But Gironda also had a tough old school approach to the sport and it paid off for him in a big way so it’s definitely worth listening to his hard-line of thinking.

And it’s almost impossible to argue with Vince’s nutrition plans too as he also lays out a full daily meal routine in the book.  His plan covers every major meal and all of the snacks in between in his master’s and pro series of nutritional of bodybuilding sections that Palmieri added to the book.  Palmieri has also added lots of updated material to the book so that nothing is left out in this huge 335 page e-book.

Legendary Muscles contains the building blocks that any bodybuilder should take note of in their approach to the sport as well as providing some refreshers on important information that may have been lost over the years.  Whether an older bodybuilder who’s looking to utilize Vince’s advice on a plan for people over 40 or a young up and comer, “Vince Gironda – Building Legendary Muscles” is a must for anybody involved in the sport of bodybuilding.


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