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The Bodybuilding Truth Review

You've been Lied to and Scammed by
the Giants of the Supplement Industry

Sportscasters have been fired for making politically incorrect racial comments, exercise gurus have been called idiots for admonishing aerobics and sports specific diets, and anyone who says that a person can’t do anything when they put their mind to it is automatically labeled a pessimist.  And guess what……Nelson Montana doesn’t care.

No seriously, he doesn’t care and this is obvious after reading his e-book “The Bodybuilding Truth” where he never bites his tongue when speaking of the over-inflated image of supplement companies, so called bodybuilding experts, and “secret workout routines” that will produce outstanding and never before seen results.  But even more importantly, Montana dishes out a wealth of knowledge to bodybuilders on any level amid this heavily controversial book.

Montana doesn’t waste much time in getting to the good stuff as he gives an excellent discussion on how there is no perfect workout but still manages to explain which chest exercises best train the pecs and backs it up with concrete evidence.  He also provides an amazing calf workout that can be completed in just four minutes (and no this isn’t off of some infomercial scam!) that is designed to help these muscles reach their maximum effectiveness.

After offering some more advice on training other body parts to their fullest potential, the Truth gets into nutrition and crushes many of the myths that have been associated with certain “healthy foods”.  And, just as with the perfect workout, he dismisses the perfect diet as well in addition to giving a non-biased assessment of steroid use.  Montana doesn’t advocate steroids nor does he preach against them, he just lays out some very helpful information on what is safe, and what can cause irreparable damage. 

Unfortunately, “The Bodybuilding Truth” isn’t all rosy as there is a thing or two that readers should take note of before reading this book.  Part of Montana’s book relates to the subject of genetics and bodybuilding and basically states that we can all only go as far as our genes let us.  And while many people already know this, he even goes further by throwing in a discussion of how our race can affect our genetic outcome.  But even though talking like this at work or on TV is considered very politically incorrect, Montana does manage to argue his point very well (so well in fact that he could even sway some opinions). 

If one is comfortable enough to handle subject matter like this, then they will find their way to what is probably the best section in the book, where Nelson Montana tackles the supplement industry.  He goes into the history of the business and explains that a lot of supplements are completely worthless, which is no astounding fact, but also gives some very good opinions on what legal supplements actually do work.

The Truth is not only a very interesting read, but is also an excellent addition to anyone’s collection who is into bodybuilding, or even anyone who is just into working out period.  A combination of history, relative training knowledge, and the best kept secrets of the bodybuilding world, “The Bodybuilding Truth” is guaranteed not to disappoint.       


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