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Terri Nunn Interview

Terri Nunn Interview

Terri Nunn Vegetarian Health and Fitness

Terri Nunn is the lead singer for Berlin.

As we all know she's a goddess, geisha, teaser, dream divine, babe, etc.

But did you also know she's a wife, mother, vegetarian, health and fitness enthusiast.

And that at 52 years old she's still rocking out, being healthy, feeling great while looking fit and sexy.

Terri was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about her health and fitness lifestyle.

Q. Can you give us some background about yourself?

A. It's dangerous to ask a woman this! Got an hour? All right, Iíll keep it shortÖ I grew up in Southern California, graduated from Santa Monica High School, acted quite a bit in television in my teens (mostly playing runaways, unwed mothers and teenagers who were a bitÖoff), then at 19, I joined a band called Berlin. The rest is history : )

Q. When did you first become interested in health and fitness?

A. Same year, 19. Iíd been smoking since 14 and basically eating junk my whole life (my mother brought us up in the age of TV dinners. Packaged, processed foods and Wonder Bread were all the rage). By 19, I looked and felt pretty bad. Even with professional TV makeup, my skin looked gray! So I started reading about health and holistic methods of healing. I resonated with vitamin therapy and whole foods, their theories made sense to me. Once I started taking vitamins and eating unprocessed foods, my health immediately changed, and kept getting better. Fast.

Q. What made you decide to become a vegetarian?

A. Back then, I also read about factory farming and how bad the health is of those animals. So I stopped eating meat.

Q. What benefits do you do get from eating a vegetarian diet?

A. Oh god, where do I start? I hardly ever get sick anymore, I have way more energy, I feel great knowing that Iím not contributing to the whole factory farming torture industry, I look a helluva lot better. And since reading The China Study, Iím even MORE into it. Both my parents died from cancer. That US government-funded study Ė which links cancer directly to the combination of a cancer-causing agent & animal protein Ė changed my life. They actually found the cause and cure for cancer!

Q. What exactly do you eat in a normal day?

A. I love chunky soups (bean, vegetable, split pea, pasta), salads, nuts (all kinds, especially hot peanuts!), pumpkin seeds, veggie chili, hummus & veggies, corn on the cob, artichokes, veggie curries with tofu, stir fries with tofu, tofurky sandwiches, chickenless tenders (Trader Joeís has a great one), fruit smoothies (I make a killer one) and LOTS of avocados (we have 14 trees in our yard of 3 varieties: Hass, Bacon and Reed avocados. Itís heaven!!)

Q. What exercise do you take part in?

A. I run with my husband twice a week, about 4-5 miles in a loop with a Starbuckís halfway for some needed caffeine!. I love that bonding time with him. Itís funny, every dream and goal weíve talked about when running together has happened! I lift weights twice a week and work abs three times a week, when Iím a good girl. I also like yoga on the road, because itís easy to do in hotel rooms. Only the flow yoga though; I hate holding poses.

Q. How do you handle eating and exercising on the road?

A. Itís much easier now than when I started to find vegetarian options most anywhere. I eat a lot of bean burritos, hummus, salads, stir-fries, nuts, that kind of thing. And a LOT of water. It calms me down, especially before a show. I work out with resistance bands and yoga videos in hotel rooms, and walk outside when I can. Sometimes Iíll use the hotel fitness rooms.

Q. What are your future goals?

A. To make this new album ďAnimalĒ successful enough that I can do an even BIGGER production show! To travel more for fun with my family. To do more duets!

Q. When will Berlin be coming to Portland, Oregon?

A. I donít know yet! But as soon as I do, it'll be posted on our Facebook page ( and on our web page (

Q. Is there anything else you would like to say?

A. Thank you for including me on your site! By the way, the Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place in the WORLD, you lucky bastards!



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Terri Nunn Interview, Vegetarian Health and Fitness

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