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Omega Body Blueprint Review

Omega Body Blueprint PDF

John Romaniello is a man with a lot of nutritional and muscle building knowledge who came up with the Omega Body Blueprint System that is designed for hormonal optimization for fat loss. He calls it your Omega body that sits inside you hidden by the fat you carry.

It is a combination of carb cycling to increase insulin and ghrelin that together speed up recovery time and fat oxidation. John calls it your Omega body that he will help you find no matter what body type you might have. His blueprint for getting rid of those last 5 or 10 pounds is not for the average fat person.

The Omega Body blueprint is for people who hassle with the last 5 pounds of fat that they carry in what John calls those stubborn places. He explains that your Omega body is your final body, the best you can be and the result of all your efforts.

John explains that Low LISS (Intensity Steady State cardio) is no way to way to lose fat and spending two hours on a stair-climber is just a waste of time. The blueprint is not rocket science and is nothing new as the principals of Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) have been well proven over the years.

John says that there is a difference when training for muscle gain as opposed to training specifically for fat-loss. His Omega Blueprint is designed to do both as you can use your specific hormonal release from volume training to increase muscle size and strength while losing fat at the same time.

It needs to be added here that John is only talking about the last 5 pounds of fat that needs to be lost so this would be specifically of interest to competitive bodybuilders or someone who wanted to look their best for a specific reason or time.

The blueprint does not tell you to eat 6 meals a day as John believes that if you need 3000 calories a day to be in a deficit then taking those calories in 2 meals or 10 meals is not going to make a difference. John has some strong feelings on carb and calorie cycling.

The Body Blueprint System talks about a study that was done at Louisiana State University in 2005 which proved that calorie cycling will prolong life. John's Blueprint also recommends flexibility in this cycling so that you are never limited to never eating carbs after 6pm or anything like that.

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