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Interview With Alan Palmieri

Q. Can you give us some background about yourself?

A. I was born in Paterson N.J. and moved to Tennessee as a youngster about the time I was in the second grade. My father worked for a TV and stereo company called Dumont. He was offered a position with the Magnavox Company in Greeneville TN. Later he transferred to the Magnavox plant in Jefferson City and Iíve been in Jefferson City ever since.

I have a diverse background. In addition to being a five-term mayor, I have credentials in the field of business as well as politics. I have personally trained winners of major, local and state bodybuilding events, high school and college athletes and teams, professional athletes and entertainers. I have served as a judge for numerous bodybuilding events as well as promoting and holding several bodybuilding contests. I am the past State of Tennessee President of the IFBB and was awarded the prestigious IFBB Certificate of Merit. In October I was inducted into the famous Steve Speyrer Classic Anatomy Gym Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

Q. What got you started in bodybuilding?

A. I was a very skinny, sick, and frightened youngster. I was afraid of my own shadow and scared of everything real or imaginary. When I was in elementary school, other kids picked on me to the point I would not go out on the playground during recess. I really was an introvert. I stayed off to myself for the most part as that is the only time I felt comfortable. I would collect comic books and each one had ads for bodybuilding courses. Each week I sent off for the information they advertised. I had literally hundreds of catalogs and mail order brochures for all the various bodybuilding courses, books, and products.

Every night I would pull them out and read over the same thing time and time again. Eventually I saw a copy of Mr. America, subscribed to it and Muscle Builder. Then I discovered All American Athlete, Muscular Development, Strength and Health. Later various other bodybuilding magazines found their way into my collection.

Q. What is it about bodybuilding that you love so much?

A. The training. I simply love to train. The feel of the iron, nothing like it and the way you feel after a hard workout. Iíve done a lot of things but have never found anything to compare.

Q. What adversities have you had to overcome?

A. Oh man, the list is almost endless. Iíve had all types from health issues to time constraints. Some of the biggest ones were in the beginning. I had very supportive parents but doctors, teachers and friends all discouraged me from bodybuilding. They just didnít understand it. Later on it was trying to work, go to school, play sports, while making time to train all at the same time.

There have always been adversities and they come and go. Each passing year seems to bring on others. I guess one could actually use them for excuses not to train and be justified, instead Iíd rather keep on keeping on.

Q. What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

A. Squats and bent over rows are my favorites while barbell curls or preacher curls are my least favorite. Squats work the entire system and bent over rows are pure work. I just never got the results most do from barbell curls and preacher curls do absolutely nothing for me.

Q. What are your tips for the beginner, intermediate and advanced?

A. For beginners I would suggest controlling enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is great but for a beginner too much can result in overtraining or burnout. Really the same applies to intermediate and advanced trainees. Bodybuilding is a journey, persistence and sticking to it is what counts, not short bursts and then fast fizzles. In addition Iíd say use common sense and donít be afraid to experiment. You have to discover what works best for you. What works for someone else may not work for you.

Q. Where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements?

A. I believe strongly in the need to supplement with protein and vitamin-minerals and other such products. Iím not keen on most of what is on the market today. Iím an ďold schoolĒ kind of guy. Give me a good quality milk and egg protein powder, a digestible vitamin-mineral tablet and some desiccated liver tablets and thatís all I need.

I am completely and absolutely against the use of steroids and steroids! I canít stress this enough.

Q. What are your future goals?

A. I would like to get re-elected mayor. Spend my time with my wife and family, especially my grandkids. Become a better person each day and overcome my shortcomings.

Q. What is the toughest part about bodybuilding for you?

A. Diet. No doubt about it and nothing even comes a close second. I never watched my diet very close and love the carbsÖ thatís terrible! Oh well, something to be said for honesty I guess.

Q. Tell us about your bodybuilding ebooks?

A. I decided to do them because people were contacting me all the time and asking some of the same questions over and over. One day a friend suggested I write out a routine for him and save it on a computer disc, that way if someone else wanted the same type of program all I would have to do is make a copy. Thatís what started it all. At one point people started to ask more detailed questions about events and things that took place that I knew about. Looking back I guess that was the first sign of my age counting for something. People seemed to be interested in the ďGolden AgeĒ of bodybuilding, the 1960ís, thatís my time period.

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