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How To Gain Weight and Build Muscles

Author: The Muscly Jerk

Are you puny? Do you want to gain weight and build muscle? Well you are not alone many, many men just have a genetic build up to wear they can not gain weight no matter how much you eat. I am sure woman all over the world wish they had that problem.

So the question is just how do you gain weight and build muscle? Well in this article you will find out just that so you no longer will have to be puny, you can build the muscle you want and gain weight while doing it. With a little bit of effort you can make this happen.

So just how do you gain weight? Well in theory when you eat more calories then your body can burn off. So to many, many men this means upping your calorie intake by quite a bit. You also can not eat McDonald’s everyday and expect the calories you are consuming to turn into muscle, just the opposite will happen your muscle will turn to fat because junk food and other foods that have a lot of increased calories are filled with chemicals and other bad things that will yes make you gain weight but not muscle.

Empty calories will produce fat where you do not want it and make it harder to turn that fat into muscle. You should eat a diet that is rich in protein because the more that you work out the more that your muscles demand protein and amino acids.

Also you should add a weight gaining supplement or protein supplement that will help you gain weight and muscle. Add these supplements and a multi vitamin and your daily weight training routine and eat a diet full of lean meat fruits and vegetables and you will have a great body in no time.

But remember you need to eat a lot of extra calories to gain weight so what you need to do is figure out what your weight gain goal is and then figure out how much food you usually consume in a day and increase your calories by 300 to 500 extra calories a day and see if you start to increase in weight if you do not you need to add more good calories not junk food so that your body can heal itself and you will see more muscle definition and you will gain the weight that you want to gain.

So there you have in tips on how to gain weight and build muscle. A nutritionist or a personal trainer can also help you gain weight and achieve your weight gain goals.

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