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Muscle Builder RX Review
Dan Przyojski Bodybuilder Interview

Dan Przyojski

MuscleBuilder RX Body Building Course

Q. Can you give us some background about yourself?

A. Yes Paul thanks for asking. I'm an N.F.P.T. Certified Trainer located in Temperance Mi. and a freelance writer with articles published in major bodybuilding magazines. I also teach a nutrition class at a college in Ohio for both the N.S.C.A Certification Program as well as the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) program. I have been involved in bodybuilding and fitness for over 30 years and have won the Mr. Toledo Bodybuilding Championship as well as the Masters Mr. Michigan bodybuilding title. Iíve been on the cover of several magazines and I have personally trained over a 500 clients. My list of clients range from the Olympic Boxing Team Captain from the last summer Olympics, competitive bodybuilders and fitness athletes, swimmers, football, soccer and baseball players as well as the average house wife or middle aged man trying to get rid of belly fat and look 15 years younger.

Q. What got you started in bodybuilding?

A. I was the classic 98 lb. weakling. I actually weighed 96 pounds and wrestled in the 98 lb class in high school. When I got out of high school I looked like a freshman just going into high school so at 18 yrs old I started serious weight training. Two years later at age 20, after hundreds of dollars spent on nutritional supplements and following the "Champions" training routines I looked the same as I did when I started two years earlier. I was so depressed that I gave up. I went back to the gym to get my training gear and happened by luck to strike up a conversation with a bodybuilding nutrition consultant. He inspired my mind to challenge myself and create the bodybuilder physique I wanted. We worked together for four years developing and refining the most productive training and nutrition program for the natural bodybuilder like me and MuscleBuilder RX was created. The result for me was winning the hotly contested Midwestern states title of Mr. Toledo, a very large contest at the time. Because my physique transformation was so dramatic bodybuilderís from all the gyms where contacting me for info on my training and nutrition. Thatís how I started my training business using MuscleBuilder RX.

Q. What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

A. Because I like to weight train I really have no least favorite exercises. But if I had to rate my favorites body parts to train I would say chest and back using the standard bench press and weighted pull-ups. My least favorite exercise is the barbell squat. The reason for that is because of my leg injury. If I position myself incorrectly it causes terrible pain to my lower back. I have to be CAREFUL when I squat.

Q. What are some tips you can give for the beginner, intermediate and advanced?

A. Proper training is #1, not nutrition. The best diet and supplements in the world will not produce muscle and strength gains if the training is not productive training. The problem is that 95% of trainees do NOT know how to properly train for REAL muscle growth. This is why they waste money on "magic" supplements. Then with the best diet and supplements they still cannot gain so they turn to steroids.

Q. Where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements?

A. Proper implementation of nutritional supplements can give a weight lifter about a 10 to 15% advantage over not using them. It all depends on their lifestyle, commitment to nutrition and once again proper training. Nutritional supplements will augment muscle growth if the muscle has been stimulated, not annihilated!

Most people think that I would hate or disdain people that use steroids but I don't. Just as I donít like someone telling me how to live my life I don't want to do that to someone else. But I can tell you this as a fact. I'm now 52 years old and can be in top condition (5% body fat) in 12 weeks if I wanted to compete again. All of the people that competed with me and used steroids for bodybuilding have fallen to the wayside. Heart problems, bad joints, hypertension and the list goes on. They never learned proper training and nutrition for real muscle growth that lasts a lifetime. They sacrificed their health and now look like old, weak people. Don't be that person.

Q. What are your future goals?

A. At the present time my main goal is my site MuscleBuilder RX. I love to see people succeed and this is my way of teaching many people at one time. Iím also putting together a "client's only" muscle training reports that Iíll distribute to people who have purchased the course. I want to keep everyone up to date on whatís good and what's bogus in the world of muscle building so they wonít waste their hard earned dollars and time. Other than that I want to stay fit and strong in case I decide to compete again. You never know when the competitive bug will bite again.

Q. What is the toughest part about bodybuilding for you?

A. Making adjustments to my training to fit my hectic schedule. Because I'm a very busy person I have to squeeze my training in some times. The older you get the more you need to warm the muscles up before hitting the weights hard. Rushing the process can lead to injury and loss of training time. Now more than ever I need to put full mental focus into each and every rep of every set I perform. In my younger days I just hit it hard and felt great.

Q. What are your workouts like?

A. I actually train only three times a week with weights and the times a week with cardio. I follow my own system for muscle growth in the winter months and then my system for cutting up in the summer months. I keep my body weight between 185 and 190 pounds for maximum muscle and health. I don't use an ipod or music when I train and I don't socialize with anyone until I'm finished training. I focus on the muscles being trained and tell my mind what I want to achieve from the workout and then make it happen. Anything less is a bad workout.

Q. What is your diet like?

A. I love to eat nutritious foods. Eggs, lean meats, and raw milk are my main staples of protein. I consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits with most meals. Complex carbs are from oats and rice as well as sweet potatoes. I use three or four supplements every day to keep my diet nutritious especially the days when I teach classes all day. If you want to succeed in building muscle you must vary the diet so youíre assured of getting all the vitamins and minerals needed. Most people focus only on calories, protein, carbs and fat. They donít know the important role vitamins and minerals play in building muscle and strength.

Q. Tell us about the MuscleBuilder RX program.

A. MuscleBuilder RX was developed and refined by real people in real gyms who actually competed in contests. It worked so well that it kind of took a life of its own without me having to push the course on anyone. All I did was refine the course with adjustments to fit a clientís needs. Not everyone wants to get down to 3 or 4% body fat. MuscleBuilder RX teaches the person how to calculate and adjust the system to fit their physical goals. As a person's life changes so does their objectives for physical fitness. MuscleBuilder Rx letís you build the body you want at any age because you'll know how to train and eat no matter what your goal is! Iíve been selling the course through mail order for some time now but the Internet makes it easier and less expensive for people both here and over seaís to purchase and use. I want to build an internet list of successful clientís of over a million people so right now Iím offering an additional 1 year ($600 dollar coaching) of personal consultation to anyone who purchases the course.

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?

A. Yes, whatever you do donít give up training and nutrition because you've not made the progress you dreamed about making. If something's not working, more of it won't make it work. Change, adjust and find what works for you. Focus on your main goal and youíll find a way to make it happen for you. Remember, a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

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