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Mike Geary The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Mike Geary The Truth About Abs PDF

To many bodybuilders the idea of paying for an eBook that is specifically and only about abs seems a waste of money. But the information that Mike Geary has put together in this eBook is not something that you hear every day. He tells you straight up at the beginning that doing thousands of sit-ups every day is a complete waste of time.

His eBook is all about getting a six-pack and not a two-pack or a four-pack, it is the truth on how to make sure that you can see all six abs on your body. But if you are already pumping iron then you will know very well that the only way you are going to ever see even one of your abs is by losing the fat that is covering them.

Mike goes into specific detail not only about what exercises are a waste of time an energy but also what foods are better than others to help you lose fat. If you know anything about the body then it needs to be the awareness that you cannot spot reduce the fat on your gut only.

If that was the case Mike's book on abs would simply just be a set of movements that you need to do every day so that you can develop all six abs. But our bodies don't work like that and Mike knows that if you want to see all six of your abs you have to lose fat all over and that means a lifestyle change.

In his eBook Mike goes through a set of movements that will isolate different parts of your abs showing you how to isolate the upper abs and the lower abs as well as the oblique’s and how to increase the size so that they can easily be seen when your body-fat is low enough.

"The Truth About Six Pack Abs"’ is an eBook of over 100 pages of easy to read information that can be applied without having to join an expensive gym. It can be achieved by just following a few daily routines as well as following a simple but highly effective eating plan to get exactly what you want, which is the six-pack you have always wanted.

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