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Mike Demeter Interview

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DON: Who was the first person to tell you to get into better shape?
MIKE: My father - I shot up in height and he thought it was time to thicken up a little so he bought me some weights when I was in grade 7.

DON: What directed your attention to your first diet?
MIKE: In my grade 12 year of high school (back in 1977, groan), I came across an issue of MUSCLEMAG - I didn't even know they existed until then. I bought it and came upon an article by Vince Gironda . . He ranted lots but wrote with impact that got me from the get go.

DON: Your 5 favorite websites:
MIKE: (For my astrology of course!)

DON: Ever buried something somewhere secret?
MIKE: My kid brother and I buried a "time capsule" of class photos from elementary school when we were little (the house is gone now).

DON: I did the same thing. I wonder if it will ever be found. What's your craziest experience?
MIKE: I worked as a bouncer for a summer at Toronto's GASWORKS (a heavy metal bar in

Wayne's World). A huge fight erupted one night with a local bike club . . . It was so bad, I quit later that night.

DON: Tell me about the best workout you ever had:
MIKE: My workout partner Dennis and I stacked Ultimate Orange and Ripped Fuel - We

did chest and arms for almost two hours and spoke like we were high on Benny's . . I ended up sleeping for two days after, laughs.

DON: Tell me the hardest workout you ever had:
MIKE: To your credit, I recently did a full body; one exercise, one set per part, total failure where the last reps were about 30 seconds to finish and I was so shot, I went to bed at 7:00 pm that night.

DON: Anything embarrassing happen when you were trying to look cool? What?
MIKE: Lee Aaron and her band were playing the Gasworks when I worked there - I did my best to impress her but she was not interested in an 18 year old bouncer! Yeah that was it . . But it was only my age . . Oh, yeah!

DON: Your biggest lie:
MIKE: At a young age I learned that the lies come back and bite you in the butt! I've got to say since about age 20 - I've been a pretty straight shooter, the odd white lie sure, but not that I'd admit to any of them!

DON: Grossest thing you ever ate:
MIKE: Smoked eel! Ugh! Salty, oily and never again. Shiver.

DON: Your actual job title:
MIKE: Elite Trainer and Nutrition Consultant at GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Downtown Toronto, Canada

DON: How did you meet your significant other?

DON: Your most frequent question asked:
MIKE: What can I do to lose this last inch?

DON: Is there a piece of exercise equipment you hate to use?
MIKE: Anything cardio. I was always a sprinter / power athlete and not comfortable at all with endurance work.

DON: What makes you smile the widest?
MIKE: Contributing to the betterment of others. Definitely. I mean really making a difference in someone's life

DON: Your crowning achievement is?
MIKE: A bit of self-actualization. It's been a trying year for me and those I held dearest in my life. BUT realizing that I'll make it, no matter what life's hurdles will come my way and that I've done my best to help those I care for the most. The realization, the "epiphany" itself. That was my crowning


DON: Tell me a joke:
MIKE: I'd rather a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

DON: Favorite good for you meal:
MIKE: Sirloin salad with a little creamy garlic dressing and bacon bits

DON: Favorite BAD meal and restaurant:
MIKE: Carrot cake from the Dessert in Toronto

DON: What diets have you tried and why did they fail?
MIKE: The Anabolic diet, Parillo's diet (no more MCT's please), the Zone diet, Eat Right 4 Your Type diet, Colgan's recommendations, Body For Life and all left me with indigestion and a full burpy feeling from the improper meal mixing . . and the fat intakes left me edgy too.

DON: When was and what was your last workout?
MIKE: Whole body, one set to failure, lifting 4 seconds up, 4 seconds down, reps around 12 BUT made for 20 reps and that one set has left me sore for days later! OUCH!

DON: Last movie saw, video rented:
MIKE: Movie: Return To Me, Video: Erin Brockovich

DON: Last CD bought, and concert attended:
MIKE: Last CD: Eagles Box set: Greatest hits from 1970-1999, and concert: The Allman Brothers at the Molson Ampli-theatre (Toronto waterfront)

DON: The TV show you most watch:
MIKE: CNBC Marketwatch or WCW Thunder . . Told you I was a dichotomy.

DON: What supplement do you really miss when you forget it:
MIKE: Definitely UDO's oil

DON: What supplement did you notice the most results from?
MIKE: I'd say it's the synergy between my multi-vite, UDO's Oil, minerals and herbs

DON: If you were anyone else who would you be?
MIKE: Michael Landon's character on Highway to Heaven . . . or the Fonz!

DON: Your last dream:
MIKE: Being 20 again . . Hair down my back . . On a Harley headed to Key West!

DON: What did we forget?
MIKE: Nothing at all - Kudo's to you, Nadia and your back up crew for all that you give . .

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