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Benefits of Meal Replacements

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Nutrition is recognised as the key to better health, yet we still eat a diet high in fat and processed foods. Your goals may be of an athletic nature, to lose weight, increase energy levels or stay healthy. Regardless of your performance markers it is difficult to consume healthy, low fat meals which will satisfy hunger and taste and give you a functional result. That is where meal replacement products find their place in today's diet.

Traditionally meal replacements were aimed at the bodybuilder or sick patients as a convenient way of consuming extra calories. However times have advanced and we now recognise that life is pretty hectic and as an athlete you need extra high quality calories for repair and energy, as a corporate business person their isn't enough hours to eat healthy food and meet your deadlines. Getting the kids ready for school means breakfast is out the window or no time to prepare lunch and morning tea. Weight management and taste satisfaction, just don't equate. These common situations have lead to a need for engineered foods.

Not only is it increasingly difficult to consume a nutritious diet, it is inconvenient to stabilise our calorie intake throughout the day. Spreading our daily caloric intake as evenly as possible is vital in minimising body fat storage, maintaining energy levels and promoting lean tissue growth. Instead of 2 - 3 larger meals in a day, 4-6 smaller regular meals should be your goal.

Meal replacements are often the convenient choice in regulating food intake. The problem is that most of the products on the market contradict the ideals you are trying to achieve in eating a healthy diet. Many are high in sugar, tasting fantastic but cause massive energy fluctuations throughout the day and provide unwanted calories, which end up as stored fat on the waistline.

In a perfect world fresh vegetables would supply all our vitamin and mineral needs, however even if we can afford the time to eat the produce it is often deficient in micromolecules because of the growing processes undertaken by today's farming methods (poss of a reference). Therefore we need to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Meal replacements are often a reliable source of these micromolecules.

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