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Jodi Miller

Jodi Leigh Miller Video

Jodi Miller Bodybuilder Stats

Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 4'11"
Weight: Contest-100-102 pounds, Off Season-110-112 pounds

Squats: 250 lbs. for max; 215 lbs. for sets of 6
Leg Press: 600 lbs. for sets of 8-10.
Bench Press: 120 lbs. for max rep, 105 lbs. for sets of 12
Barbell Curls: 50 lbs. for sets of 20 or more
Deadlift: 250 lbs. for max rep, 185 lbs. for sets of 18-20

Jodi Miller Fitness Contest History


Junior Nationals
Chicago, IL - June 2005
Eleventh place

Junior Nationals
Chicago, IL - June 2004
Twelfth place

Emerald Cup
Bellevue, WA - April 2004
Second place - 5'3" and under division

Junior USA's
New Haven, CT - April 2004
Fifth place - 5'2" and under division

Team Universe Figure Nationals
Manhattan, NY - August 2003
Fifth place - 5'2" and Under Figure Division

Junior Nationals
Chicago, IL - July 2003
Sixth place -- Short Figure Division

NPC Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA - May 2003
4th place - Short Figure Division

Junior USAs
Charleston, SC - April 2003
7th place - Short Figure Division

Team Universe Figure Nationals
Manhattan, NY - August 2002
19th Place (Tie)-Short Figure Division

Junior Nationals
Chicago, IL - June 2002
17th Place- Short Figure Division

Lone Star Classic
Plano, TX - June 2002
4th Place- Short Figure Division

Red River Classic
Norman, OK - October 2001
2nd Place- Short Figure Division
3rd Place- Lightweight Open Bodybuilding

Heart of Texas
Temple, TX - September 2001
2nd Place- Open Bodybuilding
3rd Place- Figure Division

Texas State Championships
San Antonio, TX - August 2001
1st Place- Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding (Overall Champion)
4th Place- Figure Division

Nova USA Championships
Plano, TX - June 2001
12th Place- Physique Round

St. Petersburg, FL - November 2001
15th Place- Physique Round

Texas Grand Prix
Euless, TX - August 2000
12th Place- Physique Round

April 1998 - June 1998
4th Place- National Level, California
1st Place- Regional Level, Texas
1st Place- Club Level, Texas

USA Powerlifting Federation
Texas State Championships
San Antonio, TX - 1996
1st Place- 111 lb. weight class

ADFPA Powerlifting Federation
Longhorn Open
Austin, TX - 1994
1st Place- 104 lb. weight class

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