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Healthmax Home Gym Review

The Healthmax Pro Home Gym

The HealthMax Pro is a home gym that works on hydraulics. The hydraulic technology in the HealthMax Pro is referred to as "Power Resistance Technology" which simply put, means the harder you push or pull, the more resistance the machine provides. The hydraulic cylinders are constantly adjusting to the amount of force that you put on the machine. This allows the machine to react with the same amount of resistance. During your stroke, if you canít push any harder the gym automatically cuts the resistance so you can finish your exercise at a more comfortable pace.

The hydraulic cylinders can be manually adjusted. With the simple twist of a dial, you can set the resistance to any level you want. To help you understand what setting to use, follow this example. If you set the resistance level to 1, you should be able to do an exercise quite rapidly and with little resistance. Moving the resistance level to 6 makes the resistance harder and should slow down the pace at which you exercise.

Once you understand the hydraulic technology and have found a resistance level setting that is right for you, you should be able to get into a routine of 3 thirty-minute workouts a week The HealthMax Pro can be redesigned to do dozens of exercises such as bicep curls, lat pull downs for your back, squats, bench presses flyes, and many others. The HealthMax Pro system also comes with an abdominal and rowing exercise unit that utilizes the hydraulic resistance cylinders. If you plan to use the machine as a circuit trainer, keep in mind that there are some equipment adjustments that need to be made in order to do each exercise. If you are not interested in rearranging parts, there are plenty of exercises available without moving parts around.

The HealthMax Pro has received many great reviews by customers and experts. Some of the positive things said about the HealthMax are:

* Lightweight and easy to move

* Doesnít take up a lot of space

* Quick and easy to change the setup for different exercises

* You can finish your repetition even if you get tired since the resistance decreases

* You can work two sets of muscles in one exercise.

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