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Get In Fighting Shape
With Mixed Conditioning

By Dwayne Hines

What type of condition are you in? Lift weights? Run a bit? That’s great, but don’t expect to be anywhere near fighting condition simply by automatically relying on basic bodybuilding-style training. Big muscles don’t always translate directly into fighting condition. There is actually quite a bit more involved to fighting condition.

Some time back a boxer with a massive muscular build took on a guy that didn’t have nearly as much bulges and bulk. Amazingly, however, the guy with the boatload of big muscles lost the fight. The guy with the big guns and chest wasn’t able to catch his quicker opponent and after a few rounds, he ran out of gas. At this point the slighter guy started pummeling the well-built fellow and eventually knocked him out.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that big muscles equate into a body in top fighting condition. Make no doubt – muscles can help – but they have to be developed in the right manner. To put your body into fighting condition, more than just typical bodybuilding-style training is necessary. What is required is a “mixed” training approach. Just as “mixed” martial arts requires a blending of different fighting styles to cover all the bases, so too does conditioning. The best way to condition the body is to use a “mixed” approach as well. The body actually has several “gears” and each gear level needs to be built up to put the body into the shape it needs to be in for utilizing all of its capabilities.

For true mixed conditioning, the standard bodybuilding style training makes up only a small part of the requisite conditioning package. Also needed is the development of “burst” capability (one of the most important aspects), specific work on second gear capabilities, time spent on endurance, flexibility and core strength building. Setting up your training to address all of these areas is vital to attaining fight condition.

Almost anybody can greatly increase their fighting condition and go far beyond their current level. It takes specific, dedicated training to make it happen, but you can indeed successfully make the transition if you put in the time. And the good news is that your bodybuilding training provides a good base for the strength aspect of fighting conditioning. However, don’t stop there – develop the other elements as well. Mix up your training for the best absolute conditioning results.

For more information checkout Conditioning For Fighting

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