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evoBodybuilding Review

Evo Bodybuilding by Bob Fritz

Forget everything you've learned about nutrition and workouts. For that matter, forget everything you ever heard about fitness, diet and health.

evoBODYBUILDING just turned it all upside down and inside out!

Drug-free has always been another name for second place. The reason, researchers have learned, is that previous nutrition concepts and workout routines actually fight your genetic achieving peak development has been impossible without steroids.

New DNA research reveals that we're essentially unchanged from our caveman days, programmed genetically to store fat and stay small! evoBODYBUILDING shows you how to work around these "bad" genes and get into the "good" genes to turn on untapped growth centers! You'll discover how to...

Grow your own creatine! That's right! You'll discover how to turn your body into a creatine factory.

Avoid internal radars that limit muscle size. Staying small helped us survive a million years ago when food was scarce. These sensors are still doing their job, unless you know how to bypass them!

Wake up powerful infant growth receptors that are surprise, surprise--still there!

Bypass our ancestral "get fat" genes. Find out how to produce more "feel full" hormone for a whopping 25% appetite reduction!

Wake up anabolic every morning. Reverse nighttime catabolic cycles.

Stimulate greater muscle growth. Stealth Workouts will show you how, step-by-step.

106 pages

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