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Eat Like A Bodybuilder

What Do Bodybuilders Eat

The best-known essential part of a bodybuilder's diet is protein. The human body contains many types of protein, and most significantly for bodybuilders, protein is a building block for muscle. In order for muscle to grow, you must take in more protein than your body uses each day.

Proteins are formed from amino acids. Of the 20 types of amino acids, 11 are made by the body; these are called non-essential amino acids. The other 9 come from the foods you eat, and are called essential amino acids. The wider the variety of amino acids, the better. If you don't take in the proper combination of amino acids in the form of complete proteins, your body will break down existing proteins, and you won't be able to build muscle.

How To Eat Like A Bodybuilder

Foods containing complete protein come from animal sources, like dairy, eggs, and meat. Vegans may find it more difficult to eat complete proteins. Although beans, grains, and legumes contain a great deal of protein, plant-based proteins are not complete proteins. These foods can be combined to form complete proteins, since one food may contain the amino acid lacking in another, but it would be very difficult to eat an adequate amount of complete proteins in this way. However, former Mr. Universe and Mr. America Bill Pearl did quite well with his vegetarian diet, which included eggs and dairy. Complete proteins should be eaten every 3 hours.

Carbohydrates are also necessary for keeping your blood sugar levels up, and providing the muscles with adequate amounts of energy. Yams, oatmeal and other cereals, multiple servings of vegetables, and whole grain breads are good carbohydrate sources. If you consume too many carbs, the body will convert them into fat. Eating too few carbohydrates will also make you feel lethargic, and you will find it difficult to focus.

Fats are also a necessary part of the bodybuilder's daily diet. They warm the body, transport essential vitamins, and keep your muscles lubricated. Eat eggs, fish, and a small amount of olive oil if needed, to get an adequate amount of healthy fats.

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