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Build a Championship Physique

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Not all Hardcore bodybuilders dream of being a champion, but for some it is an obsession.  To get an idea of what it takes, I'd recommend going to a few contests in your area.  You can find schedules of events at some gyms or online..  I'll find a link for you and put it here.

Once you have all the size and strength need it is time to begin shaping it.  You must strive for perfection.  Every single muscle must be completely defined.  This requires more reps, more sets, and much more time.  I recommend having a training partner who is striving for the same goals to help keep you focused and motivated.  The most important part is to realize that nothing matters except how you look.  It doesn't matter what your body-fat percentage is or how strong you are or even how much you weigh.  You have to be cut and muscular, have good skin tone, a good hair cut, and know how to pose.  You should always be practicing you pose's.  

There are a few key elements to building a championship physique.  Aside from your diet, which is always a key element, you have to be able to recognize your weaknesses.  This is tough for most people because we tend to see things at a little different angle.  You should get a partner to look at you, or even another competitor may help.  Once you find your weak points, everyone has one or two, you will need to work overtime on them.

Muscle separation and size is what all the judges are looking for.  To get the best definition possible you will need to isolate each and every muscle to the best of your ability.  I prefer using more cable, dumbbell, and machines to isolate each muscle (not muscle group).  

Learn from your mistakes and set reasonable goals.  If you set a goal that is just too far away and unreasonable, you may falter under your own pressure.  Learn what poses work for you in competition, they might not be your favorites.  

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