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Bromelain Weight Loss

Bromelain Information

Bromelain is found in pineapples, and is an enzyme that is efficient for breaking down and digesting food. Bromelain can digest proteins and may help relieve stomach upset or heartburn, particularly when used in conjunction with other enzymes such as amylase (which digests starch) and lipase (which digests fat). Bromelain also satisfies the appetite, due to the breaking down of food so that more nutrients are present.

Bromelain for Weight Loss

Why is bromelain so important for weight loss? It has the ability to absorb and digest hundreds of times it's own weight in fat. It also targets flab throughout the body.

Enzymes are proven to break down and digest foods in your body. Researchers have found that bromelain "eats up" or absorbs fat at an amazing rate. In fact, this enzyme has the unique ability to consume and digest 700 to 900 times its own weight in fat.

Most people who add Bromelain to their diets can visually see results in the first week. This enzyme zeros in on flabby areas of the body. It is believed to be so effective because of its efficiency in improving digestion. Enzymes are necessary to break food down properly, and Bromelain has been shown to be the most effect enzyme for absorption of fat.

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