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Bodybuilding Training with Injury

How to keep training with injuries

This is a pretty timely subject for me right now. I've been plagued with a nagging hip injury that won't go away. Evertime I think I've got it healed up and try to do some ass to the floor squats, it starts hurting again. So what do you do with these little nagging injuries?

Well, it really depends on the severity of the problem. My first course of action is to try and use some Naturally Painless Spray periodically throughout the day for a while. Usually using it 3 or 4 times per day. I'll try that for a couple of weeks without adjusting my training too much. Most of the time, this takes care of small problems.

If this course of action doesn't work, then I try lightening up my training for a couple of weeks and working on isolation type of movements like in my current case with the hip problem, leg extensions and leg curls. If I do high reps and good form, I can get through the injury and not notice too much muscle and strength loss in the process. This is where I currently am in the hip injury situation.

What if this doesn't work? It will kill me, but I'll abstain from all leg/cardio work for approximately 3-4 weeks. When I go back to the gym, I will start out very, very light and gradually work my way back to heavy poundages over a 4-6 week time period. This is a last resort scenario, but I've had to do it once before for this stubborn hip! Sometimes, total rest is the *ONLY* answer. Of course, icing the problem area, stretching and Naturally Painless Spray will always accompany the resting period.

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Bodybuilding Training with Injury

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