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Bodybuilding Tattoos

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bodybuilding tattoo

Tattoos and Bodybuilding Competition

Over the years there have been some famous professional bodybuilders that have managed to get away with a tattoo and not adversely affect their overall symmetry and balance when competing on stage. Body builders like Berry DeMey and others but they are the exception and not the rule.

Competitive bodybuilders will tell you that there is no place for tattoos in serious bodybuilding but it seems that this idea is changing and there seem to be more and more bodybuilders that have tattoos these days. It really depends of who is judging you as each judge will have a different opinion about a tattoo.

However inspirational and personal your own tattoo might be for you there is no doubt about it that your ‘tat’ will take away from your overall general appearance when competing. Even if the judge or judges that are looking at you on stage try not to look at your tattoos it will make a difference to your overall symmetry.

If you are thinking about having a tattoo or not then it is strongly advisable to think about your ultimate bodybuilding competition objectives. But these days having a tattoo is not something that you have to live with forever as there are very expensive and very effective laser treatments that can remove a tattoo.

But one does not have a tattoo done with removal of the tattoo in mind and we all know it is permanent and forever. It is more than lightly this permanent body-art which makes the whole process so appealing as it is something that you do for a specific reason that is both very personal and unique to you.

The writer of this article is someone who has competed internationally in bodybuilding and has actually had a tattoo removed in order to present a more competitive appearance. But as seen by the examples mentioned above it is not impossible to be successful as a bodybuilder when you have a tattoo or two.

Tattoos these days are not what they used to be in the good old days simply because the use of tattoo artists are doing tattoos that are more detailed with more shading that produces a 3-D effect. The brighter colors also last longer and Tattooing has snowballed in the last three and a half years.

It can certainly look appealing when one sees a well-built body with a neat and easy to see and easy to identify tattoo. But the point is that this is not what you are trying to achieve when you are a competitive bodybuilder. Your objective when competing is to present a clean and clear presentation of your whole body.

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Bodybuilding Tattoos

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