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Bodybuilder Oiling

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Guide To Oiling Up Muscles For A Bodybuilding Contest

Oiling Up

Your posing oil is very important. Too much can "wash you out" and too little can make you appear "dry".

I recommenduse Muscle Juice posing oil. Apply a very thin coat. Just enough to create a sheen not a shine!

If you have a problem staying vascular, I would suggest a VERY LIGHT application of Hot Stuff (vasodialator). Just 2-3 sprays on one thigh should cover the entire thing. Spray it on light, rub it in a little and again, slap it lightly.

Do not spray so much that you look like you just stepped out of the shower. Very common mistake among competitors. It only takes a small amount of this stuff to function properly.

If you do not have a problem with vascularity, don't bother using it! It stinks and it burns the skin something terrible!

In order to keep from streaking your tanning paint, slap the skin (lightly!) Do not rub and smear.

Click Here For Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

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