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Review of Body by Design
Interview With Kris Gethin

Body by Design Book

Q. Can you give us some background about yourself?

A. I was born and bred in Wales. I became certified as a sports Therapist before working on Cruise Liners band then later, running a fitness center in Sydney Australia. During my 5 year stay in Australia, I began writing for FLEX and Muscle & Fitness, before relocating to LA so I could become a writer and photographer for the world leading fitness magazines. After 3 years of doing this, I got offered my current position as Editor in Chief of the worldís largest health, fitness and supplementation website Ė Bodybuilding,com

I began competing as a lifetime natural bodybuilder in 1999. I finished second in the natural world bodybuilding championship in 2006, and then I competed in 2009 NGA the state titles in which I won.

Q. What got you started in fitness?

A. I raced motocross for a number of years which gave me terrible back pain. I had massage, chiropractic care, osteopathic treatments and acupuncture in an attempt to alleviate the pain. It wasnít until I tried the conventional forms of rehab through weight training that I was able to feel the benefits and live pain free. I have been enjoying the benefits of weight training since.

Q. What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

A. My favorite would be any leg movement with a heavy weight combined with very high reps. Itís such a challenge but it feels like you have accomplished something significant every time you get through to the other side.

I donít think I have a least favorite exercise.

Q. What are some tips you can give for the beginner and advanced?

A. My tip for the beginner is to create a social inventory. Write down circumstances that are holding you back from reaching your goals, whether that is a vending machine, people, or social gatherings, etc. Then, in another column, write down things that you can do to avoid these circumstances so you can pursue your goals.

For the advanced, use your knowledge and experience to help and inspire others. Whether you like it or not, there will be people that will look up to you. You can help these people to live a better life if you just spend a little time giving tips of advice. Remember what it was like to be a beginner yourself.

Q. Where do you stand on the use of steroids and supplements?

A. I find it hard to answer as one question because supplements and steroids are two totally separate things. Supplements arenít a magic pill; however, the basic supplement stack will help you reach your goals faster, providing that you have a very good training and nutrition program in place.

I would not recommend the use of steroids as I think you can get amazing results when you apply the perfect synergy of motivation, information and supplementation.

Q. What are your future goals?

A. I am in the fortunate position of being able to help thousands of people per day, as the editor in chief of and as the author of the bestselling book - Body by Design, reach their health, fitness and appearance goals. My future goal is to help millions.

Q. What is the toughest part about fitness for you?

A. The hardest part is surrounding youself with a community of support. It can be very hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle if you donít have the support or encouragement of others. Without the motivation, there cannot be a limitless transformation.

Q. What are your workouts like?

A. Very intense, 4 times per week and no longer than 60 mins per session. I follow a particular program called DTP (Dramatic Training Principle) which allows the body to build muscle while burning fat.

Q. What is your diet like?

A. 8 meals per day - moderate protein, moderate carbs and low protein.

Q. Tell us about the Body by Design program.

A. Body By Design isnít just a program; itís a movement. This movement is the shared and organized pursuit of a common goal, and I have seen hundreds of thousands of people pursue the common goal of achieving lasting health and fitness. By tapping into the wellspring of connection, information, and motivation available within the community on our site, called BodySpace, I have seen many of them not only fulfill this goal, but experience what can only be called a life transformation. Body by Design was published to create a meeting ground for people to discover the tools and, more importantly, the support group they need to make health a way of life.

On December 28th, Body by Design (the book that is powered by BodySpace) will be released to the public. My hope is that the content within this book, and the marketing from Simon & Schuster and, will propel a movement that will help transform the world one person at a time. Itís a bold statement but with your help, together we can do it. The book is heavily discounted on Amazon (over 37% discount), as a pre-sale, so the sooner we can promote this ďmovementĒ, the better.

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