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Building A Backyard Gym

Exercise keeps the body’s muscles toned and helps the rest of the body function properly. A good backyard gym would be a benefit to help in that aspect. Some things to consider as you begin to plan your backyard gym could be.

* Your back yard size and lay out.

* Can anything in your yard be included in your backyard gym? (For example, trees, walls, poles

* Are you combining aerobics with bodybuilding, if so, how many stations or exercise spots can your yard handle?

* Make a map of your yard, and position your stations; list what you want to accomplish at each station. This is where you would incorporate existing structures into your backyard gym.

* Cost of supplies, if you needed to improvise.

* Plan everything out before you start to put it together.

By being creative, you can have a backyard gym with minor expense and still have great benefits for you.

Some of your exercises should include your upper torso, your waistline and abs, and your lower torso.

First station: pull-ups and push-ups. Two Four x Fours cemented into the ground and two holes drilled through the top where you slide a metal bar through. Secure ends with a large bolt or cotter key to keep bar from working out of holes.

Second station: Should consist of a chair or bench for doing squats and hand weights for building muscle.

Third station: a punching bag or resistance tube bands.

Fourth station: mat for lying down to do sit ups or leg lifts for abs.

Fifth station: At this station do jumping jacks, stationary running, high knee lifts, or a stationary bike. (You can make one out of a bike by taking off the back wheel and making a support to hold it.)

When you begin your program, have a timer set for 30 seconds to one minute per station, and work up to two rounds non-stop. It is better to set up your program on things you want to do or accomplish with your body. The main thing is to challenge you. You can always add to your backyard gym as you progress with your physical abilities. Work on strengthening your heart muscle one day and the next day work on muscle building.

A backyard gym is the way to go if you are short on time or if your work schedule bites into your regular gym program. It is convenient and can actually be better for you since you are already at your gym when you enter your front door. If you do not like working out alone, invite a friend to share your backyard gym.

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