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Advanced Bodybuilding Training

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Once you have a solid foundation you can begin using some advanced training principles.  The main ingredient for becoming an advanced hardcore bodybuilder is intensity.  This is when bodybuilding gets really fun!  

Advanced Training Concepts

High-set training is a relatively new concept.  Back in the day, guys would do only a few sets per body part on a specific day.  Nowadays this is more of a powerlifter type workout.  High-set training is when you do about 15-20 sets per body part.  This could mean 75 sets per workout!

Doing a Double-split workout is a great way to make your workouts less demanding.  This type of workout takes a ton of dedication and will power, but if you want a championship body you need to sacrifice.  A Double-split is when you split your workout up into two separate times in the day.  This is the way most every "contender" trains.  A good Double-split workout is shown in the first advanced workout program. 

Advanced Training Program

Other advanced training programs can be made from this one.  Once you are an advanced bodybuilder you can make your own personal program to suite your needs.


Abs every morning
Mon Tue Wed Thurs. Fri Sat
Chest and Back Shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and calves Chest and Back Shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and calves Chest and Back Shoulders, upper arms, forearms, and calves

Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Legs and calves   Legs and calves   Legs and calves  

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