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Aisha Delpeche Interview

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Nadia Lemmon asked: Who was the first person to tell you to get into better shape, be honest!
Aisha Delpeche replied: Growing up I was always in shape, I ran track when I was younger. But if I had to remember a person that told me that I needed to tone up more it would be my best friend. She made me realize that I would never get a modeling contract if I don't get in better shape.
Nadia Lemmon asked: What directed attention to your first diet?

Aisha Delpeche replied: When I met Nadia Lemmon at the Miss Canada International Pageant, she educated me on eating healthy. Ever since then I try to maintain a good diet. I am not going to lie though, I do cheat now and then, laughs (Sorry Nadia!)

Nadia Lemmon asked: Your 5 favorite websites are:
Aisha Delpeche replied:, and of course (I only have three!)

Nadia Lemmon asked: Ever buried something somewhere secret?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Laughs. No!

Nadia Lemmon asked: What's your craziest experience?
Aisha Delpeche replied: I haven't done anything crazy....YET! Except the Miss Canada International contest!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Anything embarrassing happen when you were trying to look cool?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Yes!

Nadia Lemmon asked: What?
Aisha Delpeche replied: I had a huge crush in high school. I was talking to a classmate about how I was going to pursue this to be my boyfriend. I later found out the classmate was his girlfriend. I was so embarrassed, the whole school knew the next day!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Your biggest lie:
Aisha Delpeche replied: Hey! I don¹t lie, laughs!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Grossest thing you ever ate:
Aisha Delpeche replied: Clams...Yuk!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Ever attacked a defective vending machine?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Not yet! But I might!

Nadia Lemmon asked: What exactly is your job field outside of modeling?
Aisha Delpeche replied: I am attending University in the field of Communications. For now I am working as a customer service representative at a phone company. Modeling is slow.

Nadia Lemmon asked: Modeling is tough in Canada. No real agencies ever seem to deliver. Is there a piece of exercise equipment you hate to use? Why?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Ab roller, because it hurts, it hurts my neck!

Nadia Lemmon asked: What was your best workout ever like?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Aerobics. In the beginning it's boring and hard but the results are very rewarding if you eat right.

Nadia Lemmon asked: Nothing crazier than eating bad and thinking exercise will fix that. Your crowning achievement will be what?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Graduating from College while juggling a full time job.

Nadia Lemmon asked: Tell me a joke:
Aisha Delpeche replied: No... All the jokes I know make me look bad!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Favorite good for you meal:
Aisha Delpeche replied: Lasagna, yum-yum! I don't like Sea food!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Tell me something not sexual about your body:
Aisha Delpeche replied: My toes are 100% not sexual!

Nadia Lemmon asked: What would you change about the modeling industry if you could without hesitation?
Aisha Delpeche replied: The lack of representation of AfroAmerican models and the ladder that a girl needs to climb to be successful. There are a lot said about the modeling industry, sexual advances towards the models, I find that all wrong. Nothing worse than be led on.

Nadia Lemmon asked: Ever peed in a swimming pool?
Aisha Delpeche replied: Yes, who didn't! Laughs!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Last movie saw, or video rented:
Aisha Delpeche replied: Last movie was Hannibal. I am traumatized!

Nadia Lemmon asked: Last CD bought, and concert attended:
Aisha Delpeche replied: I haven't attended a concert in a while, last year I attended Janet Jackson's (Velvet rope). The last CD I bought was R.Kelley (very good!)

Nadia Lemmon asked: The TV show you most watch:
Aisha Delpeche replied: Will and Grace, he¹s Canadian!

Nadia Lemmon asked: What supplement did you notice the most results from?
Aisha Delpeche replied: I take Don Lemmon¹s multi-nutrients!

Nadia Lemmon asked: The worst pickup line ever:
Aisha Delpeche replied: One guy at a club asked me if he could have an application to my heart. I thought it was corny and knew he was not my type.

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