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21 Day Fast Mass Building Review
Lee Hayward Bodybuilder Interview

Lee Hayward

21 Day Fast Mass Building
Gain 12 Pounds of Pure Muscle in 21 Days

Q. Can you give us some background about yourself?

A. I've been online muscle building coach for over a decade now. I'm one of the dinosaurs of the whole online bodybuilding scene. I actually started my very first bodybuilding website back in 1997. Since then Iíve been able to reach out and help literally thousands of folks from all over the world build muscle, burn bodyfat, and get in their best shape ever. In fact there are currently over 100,000 hardcore fans that receive my Bodybuilding Tips e-mail newsletter every week.

I started working out back in 1990 and Iíve been competing in bodybuilding competitions since 1995. So far Iíve done 12 bodybuilding shows with my most recent show being just this past April at the Atlantic Canadian Bodybuilding Championships.

Bodybuilding & fitness is my passion in life and as you can tell I practice what I preach.

Q. How did you come up with the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program?

A. This whole system was discovered by accident from competing in bodybuilding competitions.

You see bodybuilders will go on a very strict fat loss diet for at least 12 weeks prior to a bodybuilding contest. This is so they can strip away all their excess bodyfat and get as ripped as possible. Their goal is to step on stage with NO Excess Bodyfat What So Ever! This is necessary in order to bring out all their muscle definition and detail.

However, once the contest is over the celebration begins. Can you imagine how good it must be for all those "starving bodybuilders" who have deprived themselves of their favourite foods for weeks on end to all of a sudden be allowed to eat them again?!

Let's just say that the typical foods most bodybuilders eat after a show are NOT the most "healthy". Pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, cake and cookies are just some of the many things that will get devoured in ridiculous amounts. If they actually added up all the calories they consumed after a competition it would be scary!

Now in most "normal people", eating this much food would just be stored as ugly excess bodyfat. But when your body is depleted (as in the case of a pre-contest bodybuilder) this over abundance of calories triggers the body to unleash HUGE amounts of Natural Anabolic Hormones that shuttle all this food towards building solid Lean Muscle Mass!

In fact it's actually quite common for bodybuilders to gain 20 pounds of muscular bodyweight during the first week after a show!

Now obviously a lot of that rapid weight gain will be water and muscle glycogen being stored within the muscle cells. But about 5-10 pounds of it will be actual solid muscle mass.

Now can you imagine the incredible muscle building results that you could make by going through this kind of rebound cycle again and again?

Considering the fact that the average gym member is lucky to even gain 5 pounds of muscle per year. You can now see why competitive bodybuilders are among the BIGGEST & Most Muscular guys in the gym, especially since they are literally packing on 5-10 pounds of permanent muscle mass with every pre-contest diet & post-contest rebound!

The basis for the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program is to create these mini-rebound cycles over and over again so that you can gain lean mass at a faster than normal rate.

Q. What are the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program workouts like?

A. You actually have a lot of flexibility here. We actually tested this program out on 100 volunteer test subjects before we launched it to the public and all these guys did was follow the diet portion of the program along with their own workouts.

Every single one who actually followed the program through gained lean muscle and several of them actually lost fat while gaining muscle at the same time. That just goes to show how powerful strategic calorie cycling really is for making fast muscle gains.

But with that being said, we are not going to leave people guessing as to what they should do in the gym with the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program. We have included 4 different workouts that people can use along with the nutrition portion of the program.

The Fitness Model Workout:
This is a fast pace weight training program that focuses on using extended sets to keep your muscle under tension for longer periods of time. This is a quick workout program that will get you in and out of the gym fast. It's ideal for folks who are short on time or beginners just starting out.

The Muscle Model Workout:
This is more along the lines of a traditional bodybuilding split routine. But we kick things up to the next level of intensity with the addition of forced reps and drop sets within the program. This is a great routine for most intermediate level guys who want a well balanced muscle building workout.

The Hardcore Bodybuilder Workout:
This is a heavy power-bodybuilding program that uses multiple sets of heavy weights and low reps. It takes elements of powerlifting and bodybuilding and combines them together into one serious mass building training cycle. I'd recommend this program for more advanced lifters with a minimum of 1 years training under their belt.

The Bodyweight 500 Circuit Routine:
This is an optional workout program that you can incorporate during the low calorie primer phases of the program. I personally like to match my training with my diet. So when I'm eating big, I like to lift big. When I'm eating light, I like to lift light. So during the low calorie portion of the program when you are not feeling 100% in terms of strength and power, you can incorporate the Bodyweight 500 Circuit Routine in place of heavy weight training.

Q. What is the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program diet like?

A. The diet is the trick that makes this entire system work. What we are trying to do with the diet is set up the "Anabolic Amplifier Effect" and Iíll briefly cover exactly what that is here for the benefit of our readers.

The main thing we need to realize about muscle growth is that it comes in spurts. That's the way we naturally grow. I mean just think back to when you growing as a teenager, you just didnít keep growing taller and taller non-stop. Mostly likely you went through phases of no growth and then all of a sudden hit a growth spurt where you grew very rapidly. That's the way it works for most people.

Muscle growth works in the same way, it comes in spurts. The same thing even applies with competitive bodybuilders when they are "pigging out" after a bodybuilding contest. Generally, they will make incredible muscle gains for 2 weeks before things start to plateau. After that if they continue eating excessive amounts of calories beyond the 2 week mark those extra calories will get stored as bodyfat, and NOT as lean muscle mass.

This is the biggest draw back to traditional "Bulking up" programs. Guys will go on a prolonged high calorie eating plan for 12 weeks at a time. Now granted they will make some fast muscle gains initially when starting the program, but they quickly get to the point where the gains in bodyfat are greater than the gains in lean muscle mass.

So the "secret to avoiding these problems is to implement Shorter & More Frequent Training & Nutrition Cycles. And thatís what the 21 Day Fast Mass Building System is all about.

The first phase of the program is a 1-week low calorie "Primer Phase". This will give your digestive system a break, increase your insulin sensitivity, and elevate hormones and enzymes so that your body becomes very efficient at storing the food you eat as lean muscle.

Then once your body is primed for growth, weíll switch gears and move into the 2-week high calorie "Overload Phase". This will open up the floodgates for natural anabolic hormone production such as IGF-1, Testosterone, and Insulin.

And like I mentioned in the previous question, in addition to cycling your nutritional program, we also cycle your training routine. You see a HUGE mistake that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often make is not matching their workouts so that they complement their diets.

Obviously, when you are following the low calorie "Primer Phase" you are not going to have the same level of strength and power as you will when following the high calorie "Overload Phase".

So to go along with the "Primer Phase" weíre going to follow a fast paced conditioning circuit routine that utilizes higher reps and more bodyweight exercises. This lighter training phase will give your joints and tendons a break, and prep your body for the heavy mass building power-training phase thatís to follow.

With the 21-Day Fast Mass Building System the scales are tipped in favor of lean muscle growth, because youíll spend the majority of your time in a caloric surplus. While at the same time following a heavy mass building power workout program, thus allowing you to grow bigger and stronger!

But you will not experience the metabolic pitfalls that are associated with traditional long term bulking because weíll be strategically "Re-Priming" your body for another growth spurt every 3rd week.

Q. What kind of results are people getting?

A. We recruited 100 volunteer test subjects to try the program out back in November. Now for full disclosure, not all of those 100 people actually followed through with the program. Only about 25 people actually submitted their results to us after the initial trial. But from those people who actually completed the program the average gains made was 12 pounds of muscular bodyweight after their 1st 21 day cycle.

Now I know some people who may hear this will kick up a fuss and say "that's impossible". But we are not saying these gains were all dry muscle. The weight gains were fat free mass, meaning a combination of dry muscle, water, and glycogen. Basically the types of quality lean mass that we want to gain from our bodybuilding programs.

Q. Where can people get the program and what comes with it?

A. The program is available at: 21 Day Fast Mass Building.

We've really gone to the extreme here and "Over Delivered" on everything. Our goal was to literally create the best muscle building system ever so we never cut any corners here.

The program includes:

1) The complete 21 Day Fast Mass Building manual which is basically your blueprint to succeed with all components of the program Ė the training, supplements, recovery, individualization, modifications and lifestyle!

2) The complete 21-Day Nutrition System broken down into full and explicit detail. Weíll tell you exactly what foods to eat, how much and how often. Plus, weíll reveal how to customize the 21-day cycle to your own body type and starting point. Weíll share the best calorie cycle methods to pack on rock solid muscular mass while still keeping your abs!

3) Over 12 hours of hardcore video footage of real in the gym workouts. These are not some exercise demo videos, but actual workouts using real weights, real sweat, and real effort. We basically bring the entire 21-Day Fast Mass Building System to life!

4) The Bodyweight 500 Fat-Cutting Circuit Workout Program

5) The Fitness Model Physique Workout Program

6) The Muscle Model Physique Workout Program

7) The Hardcore Bodybuilder Physique Workout Program

8) Printable Workout Sheets and Training Logs

9) Anabolic Supplement Stacks Guide

10) 2 Hour Long Audio Interview With Our Top Test Subjects. They reveal their insider secrets, goals, exact 21-day results, challenges, tweaks, cardio recommendations, training plans, meal plans, supplements and extra hidden discoveries.

11) The Exercise Description Guide This guide covers every single exercise that we include in the entire 21-Day System. It's like getting a mini personal training session to ensure a productive and injury free workout. Every exercise is accompanied with a photos and detailed descriptions on how to make the most out of every workout so youíll experience the fastest gains of your life.

Again all the information about this is covered at: 21 Day Fast Mass Building.

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?

A. I know that a lot of people are probably going to be skeptical of such bold claims of building fast muscle mass. And honestly I don't blame them one bit. But I encourage people to be "healthy skeptics", meaning do your research and get the facts for yourself before believing any new training / nutritional methods.

The good thing about the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program is that it really is a 21 day system. You can try it out and see for yourself whether it works or not in just a few short weeks.

And if it doesn't work exactly as outlined in the resources, and you do not build muscle size and strength faster in 21 days than you ever have previously, just shoot us a email and weíll give you your money back. No hard feelings and we can still be friends.

But I seriously doubt people will want to stop once they start because the 21-Day Fast Mass Building Program just flat out makes sense. It's backed by strong science, years of real world experience, a recent 100 man Test Group and we'íre predicting thousands and thousands of people saying only one thing, "Dang, why didnít we think of this sooner, it makes so much sense and this is far smarter and faster than any other muscle building diet or program out there!".

I mean you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you haven't made stellar gains over the last 21 days, why not try something new for the next 21 days and give the Fast Mass Building Program a shot?

Again all the details of how to get started are outlined at: Go to 21 Day Fast Mass Building - Gain 12 Pounds of Pure Muscle in 21 Days

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